The top 10 skate parks in the world

Ten of the worlds best spots to ride

Thanks to an increase in skate boarding′s popularity around the globe, skate parks are now a familiar part of the urban landscape. Want to know what the top skate parks in the world are? Check out our handy guide.

If you′re a seasoned skater the chances are you′ll know where your nearest good park is situated. However, if you fancy venturing further afield here is the run down of 10 of the best skate parks across the globe.

Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park, California, USA

If you are looking for unique design or a park which pertains to audacious and varied skating look no further than the LCRSP California. With smooth bowls, thimbles, cradles, a mega wall and its own dedicated street section, this skate park is superb and extremely varied, with something for everyone. However, the piece de resistance of this park has to be its huge pipe, the biggest in the world at 70ft (21m)long and 22ft (6.7m) wide. LCRSP is up there among the top skate parks in the US and the world.

Admission: $3 for kids $5 for adults.

Top 10 skate parks in the world

Amazing Square Skate Park, Tokyo, Japan

Amazing Square is probably Japan’s premiere skate park. It is quite frankly huge and offers massive variation for both street and vert skaters. The park is open into the evening making for a fantastic night skate spot.

Kona Skate Park, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Kona is a skating icon and one of the oldest skate parks still operating. Its pastelcolouredconcrete bowls and ramps make it pleasing to the eye as well as the board. With a more traditional design Kona is great to skate offering plenty of different obstacles. Its best features include a few hardcore bowls and an old school snake run. Kona is a really friendly park and offers a skate camp for newbies.

Admission: between $5 to 7 in the week $10 at weekends.

VANS Skate park, California, USA

Built and run by the popular shoe makers, Vans Skate Park is two dimensional with a nice indoor section dominated by quality wooden ramps and a large outdoor area covered in concrete bowls, pools and verticals (verts). The park is extremely varied with obstacles ranging from indoor and outdoor street to the huge “Combi Pool” a 12ft (3.6m) deep concrete bowl with wild transitions. There is also a pee-wee section for new skaters and an area of the park which has moveable obstacles so that skaters can find their own lines.

Admission: Up to $14.

Stoke Plaza, Stoke-On-Trent, England

Innovatively designed, Stoke Plaza is a piece of urban design beauty. Spanning 34,000 square ft (10,360 square m), the park is probably the top park in UK and is among the best and largest in Europe. Stoke Plaza caters for all but it is a street skaters paradise, with plenty of lofty and challenging sets and a plethora of rails to grind.

Marseille Skate park, Marseille, France

France’s largest outdoor skate park. MSP is visually stunning. Its bowls and pipes are adorned with vibrant graffiti and art work which makes it aesthetically unique and sets it apart from others around the world. As a park it’s pretty good too! With plenty of variation among the verts, the park is designed to offer skaters of varying skill levels the opportunity to skate for long periods. MSP is a great place to skate and attracts a good crowd that comprises skaters from all over Europe.

Admission: FREE

SMP Skate park, Shanghai, China

China’s largest park and home to the international competition “The Showdown”. Spanning nearly 45,000 square ft (13,700 square m) with a 12,000 square ft (3657 square m) viewing area for non-skaters, the SMP is massive. The park is simply incredible with almost any obstacle you can imagine but including some interesting bowl sections like the “double cup” and the “mondo bowl”. You will struggle to find a more fantastic park for vert skating.

Admission: 60 RMB

Louisville Extreme Park, Louisville, Kentucky

This park is a rapturous concrete maze of bowls and ramps and is one of the largest skate parks in the US weighing in at a mighty 40,000 square ft (12,200 square m). It boasts a 24ft (7.3m) full pipe and seemingly endless bowls. Up there among the best in America and certainly the East Coast, Extreme Park is open 24 hours for endless riding ecstasy.

Admission: FREE

Black Pearl Skate Park, Cayman Islands

Black Pearl is colossal and encompasses a 62,000 square ft (18,900 sqaure m) of skateable area. The park has three specific courses tailored for different levels of ability all of which offer a flow and street section. As a further plus it is well lit during the evening to allow for great night skating. Add the location into the equation and Black Pearl must sit at the top of any skaters spots to hit list.

Admission: CI 16.75

Burnside, Portland, Oregon, USA

Burnside is the epitome of the skate mentality. Originally built illegally by a group of skaters the park was sanctioned retrospectively by the city of Portland due to its popularity. Situated under the Burnside Bridge the park is a hidden urban gem which is free and has no pad or helmet rules. This park is for hardcore skaters and when skating you take your safety and behavior into your own hands. The city can choose at any time to close the park so behave yourself and enjoy this unique thorough-bred of skate spots.

Admission: FREE

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