Top 10 celebrity body turnarounds

Impressive celebrity weight loss

You may think celebrities always look their best but they are only human after all, and so they can put on weight like the rest of us. It’s no wonder really; all of those lavish celebrity events with delicious food and champagne – it’s all calorific stuff! Here are the top 10 celebrities who have gone from flab to fab:

Renée Zellweger

From ballooning up twice for her role as Bridget Jones and shrinking back down as soon as the director shouted ‘that’s a wrap!’, ‘A-lister’ Renee is a definite weight loss wonder. Her intense two hour workouts, which include interval sprints and cycling, mean she can snap back into shape as quickly as you say ‘gym’. A fan of the macrobiotic diet, Renée eats low fat, high fiber foods with plenty of fish and raw veggies to stay slim.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson shed an astonishing 80lbs and is now looking better than ever. She used Weight Watchers to help her lose the weight and has since become the company’s spokesperson. Admitting to now feeling more comfortable in her own skin, svelte Jennifer now oozes with body confidence which she never had before. She achieved her new figure through learning how to eat in moderation (usually palm sized portions), so she can now enjoy the food she loves without compromising her figure.

Jonah Hill

The comedy actor Jonah Hill managed to lose over 40lbs and now looks a far cry from his former self. His new found jawline and overall trimmer physique is down to the help of a nutritionist, who advised him how to change his eating habits. The actor admits that there is no miracle solution to weight loss – you just have to eat more healthily and exercise. So, the star enjoyed a light diet full of Japanese food such as sushi which aided his weight loss.

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Kelly Osbourne

The rock and roll daughter of Ozzy Osbourne shed an amazing 42lbs in weight. The first 28lbs she managed to lose was down to her involvement with Dancing with the Stars, as all the training she did helped melt away the weight. Her trick for her continued weight loss is to have a small snack of something containing no carbs or sugar before bed to maintain metabolism. Once 161lbs at her heaviest, Kelly is now a trim Pilates-addict who can confidentially slink about in tight dresses.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson reportedly lost 60lbs through changing her eating patterns to a sensible three meals and two snacks a day diet, and by including protein with every meal to avoid hunger pangs. She limited herself to around 1,300 to 1,600 calories a day which helped her shed the weight, as well as including interval training into her exercise plan. She also has the diet plan Nutrisystem to thank for her weight loss, which Janet is now a spokesperson for.

Kirstie Alley

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant managed to shift a staggering 100lbs in weight through an organic inspired diet and basic healthy living habits such as taking supplements, getting eight hours of sleep and enjoying moderate and frequent exercise. She has since created her very own weight loss plan to inspire others to achieve and maintain the same results and to boost energy levels and metabolism, which she feels are the key to weight loss.

Seth Rogen

Actor and writer Seth Rogen lost 30lbs in nine months, transforming him from his chubbier Knocked Up film character. Seemingly, he lost the weight for a new film role, albeit reluctantly, as he finds healthy eating and exercise quite a grueling challenge as he enjoys his ‘treats’ a bit too much. But the fact is that he was dedicated to lose the weight in the first place, with the help of a celebrity trainer. He now dons a healthier look, so let’s hope he maintains it!

Alec Baldwin

Having a scare of diabetes was enough to spur this actor into a new weight loss regime. He managed to shed 30lbs in four months by saying goodbye to the sweet stuff and taking up Pilates, yoga and the renowned calorie burning activity of spinning. Perhaps he took inspiration from his fitness freak girlfriend too, but it was his health scare that encouraged him to give up his favourite sweet treats and pizza.

Jack Osbourne

Like sister, like brother, Jack is another of the Osbourne family to have shed the excess weight – 49lbs in fact. The rock star son developed a passion for outdoor pursuits including rock climbing, helping the self-confessed adrenaline junkie lose weight through extreme sporting activities. He lost the initial weight during training to climb El Capitan, a huge Californian cliff. His weight loss ignited inner confidence as he even pursued photo shoots in the buff since losing weight!

John Goodman

At his heaviest, the family favourite actor weighed in at 400lbs, which he can ‘thank’ his love of beer for. But the much-loved US star managed to shed over 100lbs by quitting the booze and hiring a health coach to guide him into a better, healthier lifestyle. To really burn those pounds, the actor also gave up sugar and works out moderately six times a week – enough to keep him trim without exerting too much pressure on his naturally large frame.

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