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Healthy weekend breaks

The idea of an energizing weekend should be something that sets you up for the week or month ahead with renewed energy and enthusiasm. For some this could mean doing very little — resting the mind and body so that we are fully recharged and in a better physical and mental shape to tackle what is likely to confront us. 

For others, the daily grind may have left them in a zombie-like state that is hard to break, so an energizing weekend may be one that involves active pursuits — to wake ourselves out of our slumberous, uninterested state.

Whatever your preference, we have chosen some of the best weekends to get you back on track, to fight whatever is thrown at you with renewed vigor.

Energising weekend 1: Ski weekend

Increasing numbers of companies are offering the opportunity to get away on a ski weekend, minimizing your costs by allowing you to take advantage of low cost airline travel while they arrange the rest, such as the ski passes and transfers.

The white-sloped action will have you feeling thoroughly energized and the après-ski you can take at your own pace. The cost need not be extortionate eitheryou could maximize your skiing time by traveling overnight, but beware not to sap all your new found energy by an overnighter on a coach!

Try a ski holiday for an energising weekend

Energising weekend 2: Golf weekend

What better way to let out your frustrations and get yourself feeling on top form than several rounds of golf, many miles of walking and plenty of clean, fresh air?

Even if you’re not quite in full swing during your game, you could consider heading for the driving range to hit it out, without the worry of having to find the ball afterwards. There is even the added bonus of making your own 19th hole wherever you fancy!

Energising weekend 3: Football weekend

If you’ve considered checking out the beautiful game but find tickets hard to come by, then an organised weekend could be just the ticket! Many operators provide short breaks combining a match experience at some of the top premiership clubs or even top-flight teams in Spain or Italy.

Operators organize your match ticket, accommodation and give you time to sample some of the delights of whatever city you decide to plump for, although Milan or Rome would certainly seem more appealing than rainy Manchester or Birmingham!    

Energising weekend 4: Countryside escape

Really escape the hustle and bustle by heading for the countryside. Endless walks through fields and forests and breathing in the fresh air will certainly put the spring back in your step.

Along the way, you are more than likely stumble across a friendly pub or two in which to enjoy a drink, chat with the locals or just relax in front of roaring log fire.

Energising weekend 5: Spa or pamper weekend

There are so many venues springing up all the time offering pamper weekends of various descriptions. The choice of treatments can be mind-boggling and at times expensive, but the settings are generally luxurious and relaxing.

Consider going somewhere that offers a range of spa treatments over weekend for a fixed price so you know exactly what you are getting and paying for, you can then relax without worrying about what it’s costing you. 

Energising weekend 6: Festival weekend

A festival weekend could involve just about anything. You could head for a bustling carnival in a major city to soak in the energy of the performers and revelers, or take in something a little more leisurely such as a country show.

You could even consider heading for a weekend music festival if you can manage to rough the camp, mud and portaloo experience.

Have an energising weekend and update your wardrobe with a shopping break

Energising weekend 7: Shopping weekend

Nothing quite picks you up like a good shopping experience. Getting yourself a new wardrobe is a certain way to make you feel better about yourself and can make you more energized. 

You need not spend a centsometimes even a spot of window shopping can give you an added lift. Or, you could make yourself feel even better by getting someone else to pay for it all!

Energising weekend 8: Activity weekend

Adrenaline junkies need their fix to feel energized, so if you are one then get your dose. Just about every conceivable activity is on offer from water sports, to climbing or even driving a tank to give you that adrenaline rush you require.

Rope in a good bunch of friends to get the most of the experience and you will be feeling supercharged and back to your old self in no time.

Energising weekend 9: Makeover break

If you are feeling a little bit flat and in need of a boost then why not give yourself a treat with a weekend of personal indulgence. You could combine a bit of clothes shopping with a complete makeover to give you that extra zing.

A new-found confidence can give you a more positive frame of mind to tackle the tasks ahead.

And one you might not have considered …

Energising weekend 10: Stay at home weekend

There is one way that is guaranteed to get you feeling more positive and energized, and that is getting your own house in order! Deal with all the things that you have been putting off; house chores, paying bills or even sorting out your overburdened wardrobe.

A good clean-out will have you feeling on top form, and getting rid of all those jobs that are always at the back of your mind will help clear your thinking, leaving you totally energized.

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