Top 10 holiday dance meccas

10 dance inspired travel destinations

If you′re a fan of dancing or a dance novice looking for a way to explore your passion, why not combine your next holiday with with your love of dance by visiting a reknown dance mecca. Many notable dance styles have emerged over the years from all over the globe, and what could be better than trying some of them out in the very place where they are thought to have been born.

Here are ten suggestions of some of the top dances and destinations for you visit and try out. Let′s just hope you haven't got two left feet ...

Salsa in Cuba

It′s hot, it′s sexy, it′s sensual, it′s salsa, and no country is known for it more than Cuba. The major cities of Havana and Santiago De Cuba have some great salsa venues to join in with the locals, or you can get the Latin swing in your hips with some organised classes which are commonplace. Salsa is one of the easier forms of partner dance to learn, so it′s great even if you are beginner as opposed to an advanced Salseros. Remember, it′s all about the rhythm.

Tango in Argentina

Buenos Aires, the birthplace of Tango, is the perfect spot to learn how to dance this most seductive and passionate of dances. Whether you′re an experienced Tango dancer or absolute beginner, Buenos Aires, is the place to go. Perhaps the best time to experience Tango is during the Buenos Aires Tango Festival (27th February to 7th March 2010) when a fine series of tango concerts, displays, exhibitions, classes are held.

Swing in the big apple

Swing is the umbrella term for many dance styles and New York has a lively swing scene that will have you Rock 'n' Rolling, Jitterbugging, and Lindy Hopping all night long. It′s all about the big band sound, and a dance course will have you dancing to the addictive rhythms, and burning off around 400 to 900 calories an hour as you and your partner hop and bop together. Alternatively join in an informal swing session at one of the swing joints in the city.

Flamenco in Southern Spain

Andalucia is Flamenco country and it′s fair to say that for a true Flamenco experience you should head south. Flamenco′s heartbeat can be found in centres such as Seville, Granada, Jerez, and Malaga. Check out authentic performances in the gypsy neighbourhoods where there are cultural societies dedicated to the preservation of the flamenco tradition. The Bienal de Flamenco is held in Seville 14th September to 9th October 2010 and features both performances and courses.

Belly Dance/Arabic Dance in Turkey

Belly Dance is one of the oldest dances in creation, and involves many traditional forms of Arab dance styles. Belly dancing has grown in popularity, so much so that many women are taking to the veil, glittering sequins and tinkling finger cymbals, in a variety of places. One popular option is Istanbul where dancers can be taught both Turkish and Arabic traditional moves. And for some shopping fun, you can visit the costume shops in the Grand Bazaar and look impressive even if your dancing isn't.

Bollywood dance in India

The explosion in the popularity of Bollywood for both fun and fitness means that your chances of finding somewhere to take part are massively increased. As the modern name for modern Indian dancing, it brings together all the elements of classical Indian dance, Bhangra, and other influences. Naturally you want to find some classes in India, and your options are huge with an array of dancing instruction classes in Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmedabad among others.

Line dancing in the USA

Line dancing is accessible to all regardless of age or shoe size, provided everyone is stepping in the same direction! There are plenty of sessions available across the US, and these are often taught by some of the biggest names in the line dance world. Bear in mind that line dancing in the US is generally done to country music, whereas in the UK almost anything goes in music terms. The great thing is, unlike many other forms of dancing, you don′t need a specific partner, so you can cross, rock, scuff, and stomp to your heart′s content

Waltz in Austria

Head to Austria to enjoy Vienna′s sparkling ball season held between New Year and mid-February. A strict dress code prevails at Vienna′s high-society balls, though thankfully there is no limit on dancing ability, but all are open to the public, though you need to move fast to bag tickets. The two biggest balls are the Opera Ball held in the State Opera House, and the Imperial Ball held in the Hofburg palace. For those not wishing to embarrass themselves, Vienna has 30 dance schools offering courses.

Samba in Rio

Although Carnival is celebrated in towns and villages throughout Brazil and elsewhere, it′s Rio de Janeiro that is truly the Carnival to be. Rio Carnival is a wild four-day celebration, starting 40 days before Easter. It officially starts on Saturday and finishes on Shrove Tuesday, and generally falls in February. The Carnival takes over the whole city, culminating in the Samba Parade. Just remember to organise your flights, accommodation, and most importantly, your costume for the Samba Parade well in advance.

Dancing cruise in Europe

For a dance holiday with a difference, enjoy a dancing cruise to a choice of European destinations. Several operators offer daily dancing classes on board given by professional teachers who will put you through your paces in a range of disciplines. Some itineraries feature professional dancers you may have seen on the TV, where a week′s cruising can be combined with dance exhibitions and the opportunity to dance with some of your favourite performers. Let′s just hope for no rough seas to put you off your step.

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