Top 10 housework tracks playlist

Music to motivate you when doing housework

That cobweb that has been lingering for weeks, the dust that has been gathering on the bookshelf, or the kitchen floor that is caked in something straight from a horror film! All won’t take care of itself — so what do you do? Apart from taking the easy way out and getting a cleaner in or waiting for someone else to do it, help is at hand with a compilation of housework motivating tracks. We've picked 10 of the best housework tracks to get you vacuuming, scrubbing and polishing your way to a cleaner house — almost without realizing it. Enjoy!

Make housework fun with this playlist

Take On Me — A-ha

Arguably one of the catchiest pop songs you’ll hear with its distinctive keyboard hook that just sticks in your head — a kick-start to rouse yourself and take on the mounting housework. 

Start Me Up — The Rolling Stones

This stomper of a track should well and truly start you up and get you moving with distinctive Stones sound. Enjoy it, get into it, even dance a little — just don’t start moving like Mick Jagger. 

I Want to Break Free — Queen

Although it may be the housework you want to break free from, this will get you into your stride. The song inevitably conjures up the image of Freddie Mercury dressed in drag doing the housework — that has got to motivate you!

Heroes — David Bowie

'We can be heroes, just for one day.' Think of yourself as a hero for daring to tackle the housework — even if it is for just one day. One of Bowie’s finest should inspire to get through everything in double quick time.

Jump Around — House of Pain

You know the song, the one that invites you to ‘jump around’ and ‘jump up and get down’. You may need this to help you get to all those hard to reach places — that don’t get touched too frequently.

All Day and All of the Night — The Kinks

You’ll be hoping that the housework doesn’t turn into a marathon task that takes all day and all night. The raw guitar sound and catchy riff should inspire you to get on with it and leave you time to do other things.

Top 10 housework tracks playlist

A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You — The Monkees

Apart from being a sprightly song, that should have you skipping around as you clean, there is also the added bonus that it might be suggestive enough for someone else to get off their behind and give you a hand!

House of Fun — Madness

You may not think it, but doing the housework can be fun — if you are bopping along to one of Madness’ most well known tracks. You will forget that you are actually doing a chore.

Steamy Windows — Tina Turner

Once you’ve tackled the inside, don’t forget the windows. They might not be steamy (but could be if you’ve put lots of effort in already) but in either case they’ll always benefit from a little elbow grease.

Clean-up Time — John Lennon

Taken from his last album (Double Fantasy) released during his lifetime, this is an up tempo number whose title was just too obvious to resist. If anything, just seek it out and listen to it out of sheer curiosity.

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