Top 10 motivational songs volume 2

More music to keep you motivated

If you enjoyed our last top 10 motivational tracks, you might be looking for a few more to get you motivated for whatever it is you want to do — whether it’s some training or just tackling your jobs for the day. So, here’s 10 more great tracks drawn from across the years to get you well and truly motivated — whatever you want to get motivated for!

Hand In My Pocket — Alanis Morissette

A song concerned with looking on the bright side of things and suggesting that everything will work out in the end. ‘What it all comes down to, Is that everything’s gonna be fine fine fine. I’ve got one hand in my pocket, And the other one is giving a high five.’ Hopefully it should be your cue to get on with things! 

Put Your Records On — Corinne Bailey Rae

This one for the ladies from Corinne Bailey Rae tells you: ‘Girl, put your records on, tell me your favourite song. You go ahead, let your hair down’. Despite its laid-back feel, the song has enough of a positive message to act as your inspiration — even if it just motivates you to let your hair down! 

I Get Around — The Beach Boys

You can’t fail to be motivated by most of The Beach Boys’ surfing hits, and you’ll certainly want to ‘get around’ after listening to this one. It’s typical early-era Beach Boys fare complete with cars, sun, sea, surf, and girls and boys. What more could you want to make you motivated?

Can You Dig It? — The Mock Turtles

You may recognize this as the song used in adverts to sell many a phone. The opening verse – ‘Can you understand it now? I'll get it through somehow. You won’t ever get me down. Won’t see me hanging around.’ — has a positive feel, and is accompanied by a great tune to boot!

Sit Down — James

Asking you to ‘sit down’ hardly sounds like the perfect motivator, but the rousing chorus to this song should certainly do the trick. It’s an anthemic sing-along tune, and is infectious enough to still be going round your head for hours later on. If this one doesn’t do the opposite of its chorus and actually get you up for it, then you must be emotionless!

Shiny Happy People — REM

A real feel-good song where ‘shiny happy people’ are holding hands and laughing. Unusually for REM, it’s an up-tempo number that has a real jump-up-and-down summery feel to it — which should transfer itself to you, and have you happily bouncing along whatever it is that you are doing at the time.

Superstition — Stevie Wonder

Some of us can be overly superstitious to the point of stopping ourselves doing things because of an irrational fear. However, with this funky track and its unbelievably catchy keyboard hook, Stevie tells us, ‘When you believe in things that you don’t understand, Then you suffer. Superstition ain’t the way.’ — which will hopefully get you to overcome your fears and get motivated!

Pump It — Black Eyed Peas

Most people will be familiar with the move Pulp Fiction and its guitar-and-brass-led main theme tune ‘Misirlou’ (originally by surf guitarist Dick Dale). The Black Eyed Peas have ‘borrowed’ heavily from that song to make this track. The incessant shouts of ‘Pump it louder’ in the song will get you nicely motivated.

Roll With It — Oasis

The scowling Liam Gallagher rocks his way through this number, telling us, ‘You gotta roll with it, You gotta take your time, You gotta say what you say, Don’t let anybody get in your way.’ It’s in-your-face stuff, and you could do well to take the singer’s advice, as it will definitely get you motivated.

Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky) — Bill Conti

Many a sportsperson has walked out to this one — notably in the boxing arena. This isn’t too surprising, since it first featured in the film Rocky. While listening to this, just picture Rocky as he completes his famous run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and raises his arms in a victory pose as the brass section blares out the famous theme tune. It’s unbeatable — and very motivational stuff!

If you like these tracks, why not consider putting them together with those in volume one, so that you can keep motivated for longer?

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  • PaulRitchie2 'Can't help but be motivated by anything to do with the Rocky films and this theme tune, an unofficial boxing theme, is the daddy of them all.'

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  • TonySmith2 'Stevie Wonder does it for me ever time. Ignore 'I just called to say' - that was drivel - the rest of his stuff is immense and superstition is right up there.'

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  • HAN75 'Just love the Alanis Morrisette stuff. Haven't listened to Jagged Little Pill in ages but will dig it out when I get home.'

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  • Chris_Whitehead 'The Beach Boys do it for me. It doesn't have to be summer to put them on - I listen to them all year round. Would recommend Pet Sounds to anyone with an interest in good music.'

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  • PaulRitchie2 'Actually bought the best of James after reading this. there's some great stuff on it. One of ther most underated British band I'd say.'

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  • adam_s 'That Rocky theme tune just gets you up for anything. Anyone who says it doesn't would be a lier. It's one of the most inspiring pieces of music you'll hear. '

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  • jamieB 'Music is so important. See my posts around the last GNR when I sold the playlist (I'd never done a race with music before). People I knew and didn't know brought songs for my iPod. Songs that meant something to them. I got the odd Chesney Hawkes but it was just amazing listening to stuff that others chose especially when there was a reason behind their choice. It also took me out of my music comfort zone, made me focus on what others felt, made my GNR by getting me through it and raised cash for my charity.'

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  • jamieB 'BTW, another great article by RB. x'

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  • craigbeat 'Sad as it may sound, I really like 'Song 4 Mutya' by Groove Armada.'

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