Top 10 running track playlist

Keep on running with our top exercise tracks

Give yourself a lift by listening to some great running songs while training. Here is a list of great running tracks so you keep on running.

Born To Run – Bruce Springsteen

This will be the number one track on many people’s lists of running songs. Whether you love or loathe ‘The Boss’, you’ll find it hard not to be motivated by this rousing tune. It has everything thrown into the mix – from guitars and jangling keyboards to an energizing sax – and the refrain will convince you that you really were ‘born to run’!

Run To You – Bryan Adams

The Canadian rocker’s raw vocals should inspire you as much as the ringing guitars – but if not, then the lyrics ‘Cause when the feelin’s right, I’m gonna run all night – I’m gonna run to you’ might just get you moving. This track will help you to keep in mind what your running goal is – and to run towards it.

Everybody Wants To Run the World – Tears For Fears

To support a famine relief campaign of 1986, Tears For Fears re-released their original track ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ under a slightly different name. You’ll be trying to mirror its steady bouncing bass line as you pound the streets or treadmill – and it could even inspire you to take part in a running event in another part of the world.

Break My Stride – Matthew Wilder

There are perhaps no more positive lyrics to apply to your running than those in this song. ‘Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride, ain’t nothing gonna slow me down, I’ve got to keep on moving,’ – and you can use these words as your mantra when the running gets tough

Run Like Hell – Pink Floyd

One of the more up-tempo numbers of Pink Floyd’s back catalog. Dave Gilmour’s delay-effect guitar playing will act as a pace-setter to keep you moving at a steady, regular pace. Plus the line ‘You better run’ – followed by chants of ‘Run, run, run’ – will motivate you to run even faster.

Running Up That Hill – Kate Bush

The percussive sounds at the start of this track sound like a revolving mechanism such as a train – and hopefully you’ll be moving like one! Also, the chorus will motivate you to ‘be running up that road, be running up that hill – with no problems.’ This track is best to listen to when you’re running over rugged terrain!

Keep On Running – Spencer Davis Group

You will have heard this track many times – even if you didn’t know which band produced it. Despite being released in 1966, ‘Keep On Running’ retains its freshness and energy via its pounding bassline, fuzz guitar, and galloping pace. Singer Steve Winwood is in great form as he urges ‘Keep on runnin’, runnin’ from my arms.’

Runaway – Bon Jovi

‘Runaway’ was the track that started it all back in 1984 and made Bon Jovi the runaway success they are today! This track is a fast and catchy rocker with an awesome keyboard riff. It’s a song about a young girl who leaves her family – and although we’re not suggesting you go that far, it could inspire you to go for a decent run.

Run For Home – Lindisfarne

When you’re past halfway during your run and are heading for home, listen to this 1970s track, which has a chorus of: ‘Run for home, run as fast as I can, Oh-oh running man, running for home.’ If you listen to this, maybe you’ll make it back just that bit quicker than you might otherwise have done.

Road To Hell (Part 2) – Chris Rea

Perhaps there’s room for just one track on your iPod that reminds you about what you’re putting yourself through! Your training may occasionally feel like hell, but Chris Rea and a particularly good guitar solo will help you to complete your run.

So there you have it, some of the finest running songs around. Be sure to also check out our Top treadmill tracks for more musical inspiration. If you think there are any we've missed out that are your personal favourite running songs, then be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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