Top 10 tips for starting out in coarse fishing

Helpful hints for the beginner fish angler

Fishing is a great sport and relatively inexpensive to get started in. If you are looking to get started in coarse fishing then read these key points for starting out in coarse fishing.

  • Good quality tackle is a pleasure to use in your fishing and will improve your chances of handling a good catch.
Tips for starting out in coarse fishing
  • Don’t wildly exceed your budget when buying fishing gear.
  • Check out your local pools and rivers for your first time entering the sport of fishng, here you will learn from others the whereabouts of other successful picturesque and interesting spots to look for next time.
  • Look up all the different kinds of freshwater fish to gain knowledge on size potential, behaviour and feeding habits.
  • Always take waterproof clothing when fishing.
  • The all-round coarse angler will shelter from the elements; an umbrella can provide much comfort.
  • For general float fishing, beginners are recommended to buy a 13 foot specimen float rod with a 1lb test.
  • Always get the correct bait for the type of fish you are aiming for. Maggots and casters are among the most effective baits for all coarse fish, and for those that want to experiment; sweetcorn, bread and luncheon meat can be a tasty treat to certain fish such as carp, tench and perch.
  • Always visit a pool or lake before fishing it, find out times, prices and what species of fish do they hold.
  • Make sure a landing net is one of the first bits of kit bought before you attempt to fish any pool.

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