Top 10 tips to escape a hangover

Drinking sensibly on a big night out

Planning a big night out? Do you remember the last one? No? You had a good time then! But there’s no need to suffer a shocking headache to prove it ... Here are our top 10 tips to help you escape a hangover.

Avoid a hangover

Don’t drink on an empty stomach – this will slow the rate at which alcohol can be metabolized. Try to have a small meal or snack before you hit the party. Bar snacks like crisps and peanuts will just make you thirstier.

Give your liver a helping hand with Milk thistle – a daily dose during a party season will do wonders.

Check the label of any medication you are taking to ensure it doesn’t react adversely with alcohol.

Stick to clearer-coloured drinks to minimize the effects of a hangover. Red wine is one of the worst offenders, as are dark spirits like whisky, brandy and rum.

Stick to one drink! Switching from vodka to wine and then to beer is a recipe for oblivion – and a thudding headache the next day.

Watch your portion size! A ‘small’ glass of wine in a bar or pub these days is often 175ml – and a large is 250ml, which is actually the equivalent of a third of a bottle of wine.

Order a non-alcoholic drink between each alcoholic one. This works particularly well if you are drinking spirits, as you can simply order the mixer without the spirit, and no one will know!

If you have overindulged when you get home try not to pass out, stay up for a while and find something to do. Your metabolism slows down when you're asleep, so your body takes longer to dispose of all that alcohol – this is how hangovers happen.

Have a snack before going to bed – a slice of wholemeal toast and honey is ideal. Honey contains potassium which helps to counteract the effects of the alcohol.

Finally prevention is always better than cure – just pace yourself to stay in a merry mood and when you are drunk just stop!

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  • amandashepherd 'I swear by a Gatorade when I wake up. I don't often get hangovers no idea why but when I do I drink a Gatorade and instantly feel great again. I now have my housemate converted too!'

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  • RonaldoRoss 'I get the energizer drinks Duke whenever I come from outside. In sunday times, I do get along with my duke drink whenever I go out for playing Cricket.'

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