Top 10 tracks to help you sleep at night

Sleep easy with our top relaxing songs

Having trouble getting to sleep at night? If drinking hot milk or counting sheep doesn’t work, then listening to a few soothing tunes could help you to drift off instead. Here is's list of tunes which will have you catching up on your sleep in no time.

I’m Only Sleeping – The Beatles

A song that begins with the line ‘When I wake up early in the morning, Lift my head, I’m still yawning’ may not seem to be the thing you want when you’re trying to nod off, but the impassioned plea ‘Please don’t wake me, No don’t shake me, Leave me where I am, I’m only sleeping’ will certainly help you to relax and drift off.

Sleep – Texas & Paul Buchanan

Singer Sharleen Spiteri teams up with Blue Nile’s Paul Buchanan to try and usher in some pleasant dream. ‘Let me sleep, So I can dream of you. Let me sleep, So I can be with you’ they both sing. You might remember the song for its video in which UK comedian Peter Kay makes an appearance.

I Need Some Sleep – Eels

Many people may know this from the soundtrack to the movie Shrek 2. It’s a pleasingly plodding affair which might just get you in slumberland. ‘I need some sleep, You can’t go on like this. I try counting sheep, But there’s one I always miss,’ sings Mark Everett, before adding ‘You just gotta let it go’. If you do so, you’ll be well away.

I Went To Sleep – The Beach Boys

A gentle number from The Beach Boys involving three verses – all of which end with ‘I went to sleep’. Sitting down in the park, listening to the radio or watching the birds – each verse will make you think about the causes of falling asleep, and will help you to get to the land of Nod. Some woodwind instruments also add to the soothing, gentle feel of the song.

I Go To Sleep – The Pretenders

A dream-like song about a love lost, where each time the person in song goes to sleep, they think of the person that they are missing. ‘When I look up from my pillow, I dream you are there with me. Though you are far away, I know you’ll always be near to me,’ sings Chrissie Hynde, before adding ‘I go to sleep, sleep, And imagine that you’re there with me.


In Dreams – Roy Orbison

The ‘Big O’ is often described as having the voice of an angel, long before Charlotte Church appeared on the music scene, and its hard to disagree. Orbison beautifully sings his way through a story in which ‘A candy-coloured clown they call the sandman, Tiptoes to my room every night, Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper, Go to sleep – everything is all right.’

A Song For Sleeping – Stone Temple Pilots

A song clearly written from the perspective of a proud parent watching their new-born child as it sleeps. Anyone with a new child in the house might just be struggling for sleep at the moment anyway (!), but will nevertheless understand the sentiments in the song: ‘And when you lie down to sleep, I’ll protect you, From the demons of the night, While I’m watching you grow.’

Golden Slumbers – George Benson

‘Golden Slumbers’ is in fact a Beatles song, but we had one of them already, so we cheated a bit and picked a cover version! The song is written in a lullaby style and says: ‘Golden slumbers fill your eyes, Smiles awake you when you rise. Sleep pretty darling do not cry, And I will sing a lullaby.’ Benson sings beautifully on what is actually a pretty good string-laden version of the Beatles classic.

Sleep Like A Child – Joss Stone

A slow soul number which showcases the talents of one of the brightest young talents on the music scene. The last track on her album Mind, Body and Soul, it attests to the power of sleep to help put things right. ‘Tonight when the darkness comes, Why don’t we treat it like a friend,’ suggests Stone, before adding ‘Then we’ll both be glad to see the night, And we’ll be hoping it’s never going to end.’

Insomnia – Faithless

Still can’t manage to get to sleep? Then instead of just lying there, you might be better off getting up and listening to this ambient/dance track. It will remind you of your current predicament with the constant uttering of the line ‘I can’t get no sleep’, but it also contains the line ‘Insomnia please release me and let me dream’, which will be much more what you’re after!

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  • Tideracer 'Nine of these ten tracks are CRAP!! Only the Faithless track (of which I've got a dozen remixes of on 3x cd singles when released still in my vast dance music collection). I never listen to it in bed, but raved to it before taking up running qualifys. Late nights are a norm for me, on the computer in the early hours, with 90s hard house and trance tracks blaring away before I hit the pillow. Nice. Your own 90s nightclub in your room with bed complete. Forget the current Motley collection of music out now, just wind the clock back and try these as you lie in bed: Altern8: Activ8 (1991 rave anthem and top 5 single) Oceanic: Insanity (1991 classic) Moby; Thousand (It hits 1000bpms) 99th Floor Elevators: Hooked (1995 bangin' classic) Lil Mo Yin Yang: Reach BBE Desire (1997 club classic) Denomic Emotions: Stuck on a Spacetrip V One: Dead Cities DJ Misjah & DJ Tim: Access (1996 Techno top 20 hit) Westbam vs Red Jerry: Wizards of the Sonic. I could go on and on. Even the current crop of Running Trax cd albums are nothing to write home about whilst out running. The 90s dance scene ruled. '

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  • grahamlewis 'Useless - they are just songs with the word "sleep" in the title. A song about Insomnia is just going to reinforce the fact that you can't sleep.'

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