Top 5 celebrity confidence tricks

How celebs trick us into thinking they’re confident

Celebrities are great at tricking us into thinking they’re confident, and we want to share their secrets with you. Male or female, old or young, we could all do with a confidence boost from time to time. Here are five confidence tricks used by celebs.

Celebrity confidence trick 1: Kim Kardashian embraces her big behind

She’s got one of the biggest behinds in show business and she isn’t afraid to flaunt it. Kim Kardashian doesn’t worry about not being stick-thin, and embraces her curves instead. Our favourite reality TV star has faced criticism from the press and even her own sisters in the past, but she hasn’t let any of it faze her. Instead of going on a fad diet, Kim realised that she must embrace the curves she was born with and turned her derriere into an icon. The backlash against her bottom has since stopped, and Kim has become famous for embracing her big booty. Go Kim!

Embrace the way you look for celebrity-style confidence

Celebrity confidence trick 2: Mischa Barton blanks out negativity

Mischa Barton believes that confidence isn’t just about how you look; it’s about how you carry yourself and how you treat others. Whilst she has battled with body-confidence issues in the past, Mischa now believes that it’s human nature to be critical of ourselves, and that it’s better to embrace what you have than sit around worrying about what you don’t have - we think she’s hit the nail on the head. Whilst we spend our time admiring others’ confidence, we fill our minds with negative thoughts about ourselves and this does nothing for our own confidence. Blank out any negativity and fill your mind with positive thoughts about yourself. If this technique is good enough for Mischa, it’s good enough for us!

Celebrity confidence trick 3:  David Beckham dresses well

Being the world’s most famous footballer and one of the sexiest males, you might expect David Beckham to be pretty confident. In reality, he is so shy that he sought advice from pal Tom Cruise on how to be more confident. He hides it well, don’t you think? Beckham fakes his confidence through style. Indeed – like his wife – David Beckham knows how to dress to radiate confidence around him and it’s a great trick for us mere mortals too. For those of us who aren’t intimate enough with the A-listers to get advice, we can steal Beckham’s dressing-for-confidence trick. If you turn up at a job interview in your painting and decorating gear, you aren’t going to feel confident in your ability to fulfil the role. Make sure you dress suitably for wherever you’re going. Feeling good about what you’re wearing is an instant way of injecting confidence into your life.

Celebrity confidence trick 4: Tom Cruise radiates confidence through his acting

Tom Cruise is a sex symbol for many women. He has also made it onto the Forbes list of powerful celebrities, and women and men alike find his slick manly confidence appealing. He certainly has it all; the looks, the style, and the attitude. Whilst we’re not all fantastic actors like Mr Cruise, it’s worth stealing some of his tips and pretending that we are confident too! Like Tom, walk around with a beaming smile, hold your head up high, and appreciate yourself for who you are. This will make people see that you believe in yourself and will make them believe in you too. Many shy celebrities use this trick; you don’t need to be super ‘out there’ to make people think that you’re confident. It’s all about using body language to trick people!

Celebrity confidence trick 5: Emma Watson revamps her style

Emma Watson admits that she doesn’t like her teeth and she isn’t stick thin, but that she doesn’t want to change anything about herself because then she won’t be unique. Thanks to her pixie crop haircut in 2011, Emma was forced to become confident with her clothes and makeup. She admitted that her new ‘do gave her the chance to redefine her style and this is what forced her to become more confident. This is a great tip for the rest of us too. Don’t be afraid to explore new looks – experimentation makes you seem fearless, and this oozes confidence.


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  • Sapho 'So why is KIm Kardashian promoting Trim Diet pills? Why is she even allowed to do so when there is a lawsuit against her? She epitomises greed and vanity not confidence imho...'

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  • Laura_ 'She may be promoting diet pills, but she's still proud of her big bum :) '

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