Top 5 unusual bootcamps

Unique bootcamps that kick-start your fitness

The days when signing up to a bootcamp meant that for the next six weeks you’d be working out in a muddy park from six in the morning are over. These days signing up to a bootcamp will see you meditating on a pristine beach, adventuring up the side of a mountain or meeting the love of your life whilst working out. Here we reveal five unusual bootcamps that are well worth giving a go.

Top 5 unusual bootcamps

Little Black Dress Bootcamp, UK

Bulging back fat, lumpy love handles and baggy bingo wings makes shimmying into your Little Black Dress a daunting dilemma most women dread. Don’t fear though ladies, the Little Black Dress Bootcamp has come to our rescue. It aims to help women slim down and drop a dress size so that we no longer have to squeeze into our LBDs, but can instead slide into them with ease and elegance – no stomach sucking required. 

The Little Black Dress Bootcamp provides its recruits with exercises that tone up the body and that burn fat. Their approach and techniques definitely get results. In 2012 every member who attended the bootcamp dropped a dress size and one individual lost two stone in just eight weeks. The best thing about the LBD bootcamps is that although they are based in Loughborough and Leicestershire in the UK, the classes are mobile and the instructors come to venues in your local area.

Singles Bootcamp, fit2date, worldwide

If you’re single you’ll immediately appreciate this unusual bootcamp idea that enables likeminded guys and gals to meet and mingle whilst shedding some unwanted pounds. The fit2date bootcamp offers its fitness enthusiast singletons lots of different sessions where they can meet The One; from four-week training courses and a ski trip, to run clubs and drop-in sessions.    

If you don’t think that finding love whilst getting sweaty is a good way to meet the love of your life, don’t judge too quickly. Erica and Alex, an Australian couple, met at a fit2date class and ended up marrying in the same park where their classes took place. If you want to give these classes a go they take place in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth, and fit2date have also recently launched sessions in New York and the UK.

Zombie Bootcamp, UK

If you tend to get easily spooked we have a feeling that this Zombie Bootcamp in Worcestershire is not for you. This unusual bootcamp kicks off with rifle training and a brief from a commander explaining that there has been an outbreak of the undead in the local area. You are then let loose on the course and will use a whole range of fake grenades, riot equipment, paint guns and rifles to neutralize the zombie threat and destroy the monsters. We warn you, the zombie masks are pretty realistic so don’t be surprised if you get genuinely scared whilst on the ‘mission’.

Once you fight your way through the spooky deserted buildings and rid the area of the zombies you’ll finish with a debrief and realize that for the past four hours you’ve been running around doing army and military style training without even realizing it – now that’s what we call a fantastic workout. 

Mount Kilimanjaro trek bootcamp, UK

The kings of bootcamps are of course British Military fitness, but who knew that as well as their normal outdoor fitness classes they also offer adventurous folks the chance to climb Kilimanjaro, the 5,895m mountain in Tanzania? If you were to sign up to this unusual bootcamp, not only do you get the trip of a lifetime, you will also have access to first-class training days in the run up to the challenge.  During the seven-day trek you will also have two experienced Mountain Military Leaders on hand to help get you up the mountain and provide any support you might need.

This incredible bootcamp is a fun way to get fit and the thought of climbing a mountain will motivate you when you feel like skipping a training session or two.

Bikini Body Bootcamp, Mexico

Getting your bikini body isn’t normally something you aim to do whilst on holiday, but this Bikini Body Bootcamp aims to do just that. Situated in the stunning location of Tulum, Mexico, you will have the chance to start your day with an hour long power walk along the beach, followed by a yoga session and a healthy breakfast made from exotic, local produce. You can then spend the rest of your blissful day learning about the local culture, getting active with a salsa class or indulging yourself at the spa.

The Bikini Bootcamp in Mexico is dubbed an eco-paradise and is the ultimate way to lose weight, reconnect with yourself and reintroduce your healthy, balanced lifestyle. Yet that’s not the biggest perk of this health retreat. The bootcamp is located near to the Mayan ruins and you will get the chance to join a guided bike tour that takes you to this incredible archaeological site.

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