Top 7 apps for runners

The best apps for runners.

Runners face lots of complex problems. From not knowing how many calories you should be consuming on a training day, to trying to juggle hectic schedules so that you don’t miss a running club meet.  

Before this list of problems dampens your spirits and makes you want to hang up those running shoes, check out these 7 great apps for runners. Not only will they help you master your nutrition and your schedule, they’ll also boost your motivation and make you a faster and stronger runner. Plus, they’re all free. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Fooducate – Free 

If you’re a keen runner chances are you’ve had your gait measured, you’ve done everything in your power to perfect your running technique and you’ve read every single racing tip you can get hold of. Yet one area most runners don’t pay enough attention to is diet. Fooducate can change that. The app enables you to scan the barcodes of food products. It then generates an assessment of the true nutritional value of these foods, giving you important information about trans fats, sugar content and ingredients such as artificial sweeteners. You can also create a healthy shopping list using the app. Fooducate can help transform your eating habits and ensure your body is getting the fuel it needs.

Availability: Android, iPhone

Running Club – Free

Love the idea of a running club, but never had the guts or time to actually join one? If that sounds like you, you’ll love this app. It acts as a virtual running club whereby you can plan in live runs with your friends or with other runners in the country. During the runs you can also see your progress compared to those other runners taking part, which acts as a great incentive to push yourself. Fantastically, you can also make use of the Ghost Race feature on this app, and run against your past times. Or, if you’re training for a race, simply select the Pace-Race option to run against your target pace.

Availability: iPhone

Runkeeper – Free 

More than 25 million people use RunKeeper, and when you look at the amount of helpful features this free app can offer, it’s no surprise it’s so popular. The app acts like a virtual personal trainer. It tracks your run and gives you detailed stats about your pace, distance and time. The app also measures your heart rates, provides coaching-related audio-cues via your headphones and collates your running stats, so that you can see how you’re running performance is progressing.

Availability: Android, iPhone

Now That’s What I Call Running - Free 

For some runners, listening to a fantastic playlist is key to their running performance. If you’re one of these runners you’ll love the Now That’s What I Call Running app. The app enables you to generate a playlist that suits your run and uses the music from your existing device to create a soundtrack you’ll love. You can also track the distance you’ve run, as well as your time and speed – so this app is a general all-rounder.

Availability: iPhone

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker – Free

When you train regularly it can be difficult to know how many calories you should be consuming. Under eat and you risk damaging your performance. Overeat and you risk damaging your performance. This is where the Calories Counter & Diet Tracker comes in. The app is made by MyFitnessPal and has the largest food database of any iPhone calorie counter. It not only tells you how many calories you should be consuming based on your age, height, sex and current weight, but it also tells you how many calories you should be consuming based on the amount of activity you have done that day.

Availability: Android, Blackberry, iPhone

AccuWeather – Free

Unless you enjoy treadmill training, your runs are dictated by the weather. If you know it’s going to be a clear, bright day tomorrow, but that today there’s going to be strong, bitter winds, you might think about switching your rest days over so that you can enjoy a more comfortable session. To get this information, use the AccuWeather app. It was voted ‘Best iPhone App’ by the 2012 Mobile awards and gives hourly and 15-day forecasts for 2.7 million locations around the world. It will also alert you if there is a severe weather notice in your home location and allows you to integrate the 15-day weather forecast into your calendar. Although simple, this app can transform your training.

Availability: Android, Blackberry, iPhone

Fitocracy – Free

We all experience dips in our motivation. Fitocracy aims to boost your motivation by connecting you to over half a million fitness and nutrition experts. This community will motivate you by offering support and also a bit of friendly competition. The app also allows you to track your progress, save routines, earn points and take on adventures that will help you to challenge and push yourself in new ways.

Availability: Android, iPhone 

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