Top 7 sexy workouts

Workouts that make you look and feel sexy!

Who said getting fit had to involve sweating it out on a treadmill? Check out these 7 sexy workouts which will boost your sex appeal as well as improving your fitness.

Sexy workout 1: Pole dancing

Pole dancing has gained huge popularity with gym goers in recent years due to its great fitness benefits. Pole dancing is a fun, sexy but tough workout which combines elements of dancing and acrobatics. As this workout requires strong muscles in order to swing round on the pole and hang upside down, it is an ideal exercise for toning your body. It is also a good confidence and libido-boosting exercise.

hula hooping for fitness

Sexy workout 2: Hula hoop

You might think that hula hoops are just for kids, but hula hooping is rapidly making a comeback as a fun and effective fitness activity for adults. Hula hooping with a weighted hoop can burn off as many as 100 calories for every 10 minutes and can help tone the waist for sexy, sculpted abs. The exercise also involves a sensual circling of the hips which can help strengthen pelvic muscles and improve your sex life.

Sexy workout 3: Strip aerobics

Strip aerobics is a great exercise class for helping you shed your inhibitions as well as burning off excess pounds. Combining a cardio workout with stripper-like moves, this sexy workout can help you learn some moves to use in the bedroom as well as improving your body. Strip aerobics classes are available in various gyms, but for those of you not brave enough to strut your stuff in public, check out Carmen Electra’s  Aerobic Striptease DVD which promises to help you ‘strip your way to fitness’.

Sexy workout 4: High heel workout

If running shoes just aren’t for you, why not slip into your favourite pair of heels for your next workout? While stilettos are normally a no-no where exercise is concerned, an innovative new fitness class is all about getting active in heels. The high heel workout endeavours to get you moving comfortably in heels as well toning the legs and core. As well as boosting your confidence, wearing heels can also strengthen pelvic muscles to give your sex life a boost.

Sexy workout 5: Salsa

Fancy getting dressed up, learning some sexy moves and burning off around 300 calories per half hour? Then salsa dancing could be for you. This dance style offers a sexy yet classy, fast-paced workout which can help build stamina and increase overall fitness. Furthermore, if your love life is stuck in a rut, this is a class that can be done with your partner to help inject some excitement into your relationship.

Sexy workout 6: Burlesque

With props such as fans, feather boas and high heels featuring in burlesque dancing, this provocative form of dance may be the ultimate sexy workout.  Taking a burlesque class is a fun and flirty way to burn off the calories and tone up your legs, bum and core muscles. The classes also focus on building up confidence and feeling comfortable in your skin – although, contrary to what you may think, stripping is not required when taking a class!

Sexy workout 7: Belly dancing

If you fancy trying a sexy workout but want something more subtle than pole dancing or burlesque, why not give belly dancing a go? Complete with seductive moves and outfits, belly dancing is all about celebrating curves and the feminine shape and will encourage you to love your body. Belly dancing is also a great form of aerobic exercise and can help maintain weight loss and a healthy heart as well as tightening core muscles.


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  • jobagshaw 'I find this sexist and degrading. Correct me if I'm wrong but this articles is aimed at women and it is suggesting that these exercises will help you pleasure a man. Strippers and burlesque dancers are generally not working in these environments to keep fit, they are doing it as there is no other route for them economically except to perform for men. I don't think it is a good idea to make these roles idealised and for other women to aspire to their talents.'

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  • Evewitt 'Oh for goodness sake, these classes are supposed to be FUN. Women are far more prepared to boost their sensuality and anything that helps a less confident woman do that, is a good thing. Everyone who possesses confidence is attractive in many ways, not just sexually. I know women over-analyse but come on!! This is just a twist on how to vary fitness and routine, and anything that keeps the heart rate up is a good thing. '

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  • Hope_Mountain_Runner 'I didn't see anything there to suggest these things are exclusively women's. And yes, whilst the majority of the sex industry workers you are talking about are doing it as a means of making money, we aren't talking about sex industry workers here, we're talking about innovative ways of keeping fit and having a good time doing it. You're looking at it all wrong anyway, because of the laws of supply and demand, the sex industry option for earning money is one that is unavailabe to men - so who really are the hard done to? Think about it Jo.'

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  • melekiseteki 'Women are constantly, and I mean constantly, sold the message that looking like an elongated child with big boobs and staying like that from age 14 till death is the major source of self-esteem for women. It's not achievable so give it up. Life is short, ask yourself what your real buzz is. Be healthy because it feels good. If pole-dancing does it for you, pole dance, but don't do it because of this money-making pressure to be a fictional ideal of sexy.'

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