Top family games you can play outside

Keep your family active by making outdoor fitness fun

Getting your kids to be be active and get exercise is not always easy when there's so many distractions for them. But by getting outdoors and making family activities fun, they can be exercising without even knowing it!

You and your kids are guaranteed hours of fun, laughter and exercise with our top fun-packed games to enjoy outside. These games can generally involve all members of the family and are a great way to combine fitness with fun and ensure your kids get active.

Click on each of the game names below to find out how to play them so that you can ensure there's no cheating by all concerned...


Top family games you can play outside

1. Balloon stomp

This game is awesome fun and it will have you laughing for hours! It's a great way of working up a sweat and getting the family exercised. All you need are some inflated balloons and some string.


2. Turtle relay

Turtle relay is great fun and a good family workout – as long as you don’t mind getting egg on your face! The only things you will need to play are enough eggs to last for the whole game.


3. Fruit croquet

While this doesn't quite count as one of your five-a-day, this is a great family game which involves playing croquet with fruit.


4. What’s the time, Mr Wolf?

This is a great outdoor family game, and is guaranteed to exhaust the kids. Involving a chase, it's a great way of tiring them out and seeing they get some exercise while having fun outdoors.


Be sure to let us know of any of your favourite outdoor games for the family that we may have missed by adding them in the comments below.


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