Top health and fitness crazes of 2011

The health and exercise trends from the past twelve months

Each year there seems to be new and different ways to exercise, improve health and lose weight. The classic aerobic classes evolve into more adventurous and unique crazes each year; even the trusty old-school exercises such as yoga can be adapted into new crazes. Diet and wellbeing trends are constantly changing too, with the latest health fads frequently cropping up. We’ve narrowed down the top exercises and health crazes from the past twelve months. Whatever next?


A continuing fitness phase, Zumba still scores high in the popularity contest of aerobics class fans in 2011. With new adaptations such as Aqua Zumba, Zumba Toning and Zumba in the Circuit, there is something for everyone. Even kiddies and older age groups are catered for with Zumbatomic and Zumba Gold, so the craze continues to spread through generations. With an expanding range of classes, home workouts, equipment and clothing, the Zumba craze looks likely to stay strong in 2012 too.


Bokwa is a unique cardiovascular workout based on a series of routines centred on different letters and numbers. Using African, Latin, popular dance and house music it aims to keep you motivated and exhilarated. Incorporating elements of kick boxing it aims to be a constantly challenging and high intensity workout. Bokwa was born from the combination of boxing (hence bo) and the cultural aspects of Kwaito (kwa) and aims to keep as far away from a ‘normal’ workout as possible. A 45 minute class improves endurance and strength, as well as burning up to 800 calories!

Anti-gravity yoga

Incorporating traditional yoga poses, this new craze involves yoga swings, which are fabric, hammock-like supports which hang from the ceiling. With the main focus of de-stressing, anti-gravity yoga aims to center you while also toning and strengthening neglected areas. More strenuous than it seems, this form of yoga requires core strength and will improve your stability and balance. New for 2011, this type of yoga is set to soar in popularity in the coming year.

Dukan diet

Since Mum Middleton graced the Abbey this spring with her slender figure every woman wanted to know her secret.The Dukan diet, the answer for Mrs. Middleton’s willowy frame, was kick started after the Royal wedding with hundreds of women following suit in a quest to achieve a figure as admirable as a Middleton. Based on foods that our primitive ancestors ate, such as animal and plant products, this diet bizarrely allows you to eat as much as you like. With four phases, this diet concentrates on high protein and vegetable food intake to find your ‘true weight.’

Baby food diet

When news spread this year that Jennifer Aniston was eating baby food to keep trim many women wanted to jump on the band wagon. This mini-me diet consists of tiny pots of processed fruit and vegetables to control your calorie intake and to avoid high sugar and fatty foods. People on this diet tend to eat every hour in pursuit of maintaining their energy levels while keeping trim from the low calorie intake of the baby food. Not for everyone, but every diet needs its fifteen minutes of fame.

Boot camps

Having been featured on many a television show during 2011, boot camps have become more popular this year. Combining tough workouts and often a strict diet, boot camps aim to kick you into shape the tough love way. With more boot camp classes and getaways cropping up it’s set to be a popular choice of exercise for those who want to turn their fitness and body appearance around. Not for the faint hearted, core and strength training are the focus of this type of exercise which takes on a military style.

Vita Coco coconut water

Celebs including Rihanna and Madonna are fans of this thirst quenching coconut drink which graced the shelves of many a health food shop this year. Made from 100% coconut water it hydrates, is fat free and packed with nutrients. In a variety of flavors this tropical beverage soared in popularity in 2011 with the endorsement of celebrities. Ideal after a workout to replenish the water you lose, this drinks looks set to be even more popular come summer 2012. The must-have health accessory!

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