Top tips for finding somewhere to play golf

Find the best place to play your golf

Do you want to play golf but don’t quite know where to get started? You may be put off by the general stuffiness associated with some golf clubs, but finding somewhere to play need not be that difficult at all. Check out the following golf course tips which should help get you into the swing of things at your local golf course or wherever it is you choose to play.

Ask other golf players

If you know people who play golf, ask their advice on where to play. It may be that they are members of a club and may be allowed to take a paying guest onto their club’s course. Alternatively, your friends might just be people who play on the local municipal course — on which you could possibly pay for the day’s play.

Try the golf driving range

You’ve probably seen driving ranges dotted on the outskirts of towns. These are places where you can go and hit a bucket full of balls onto an open range without the worry of having to find your ball again! They are great for getting a feel for your clubs and the ball — and are also filled with many people who will be able to offer you good advice about where to play when you’ve had a good bit of practice.

Play ‘spot the golf course’

It might seem quite obvious, but just take a look around and see where the courses are in your local area. If there is a course near you, then it is likely to be quite easy to spot because it will be several miles long and very green! And it’s certainly worth you finding the club house and looking around first before committing yourself to any kind of membership.

Research your local golf course

You could use the internet to find your local course. If you don’t have easy access to the internet, then the local telephone directory should list all the courses nearby — and your local library should also be able to point you in the right direction.

Find some open space for golf

If you’re a complete newcomer, then you’re not going to want to be thrown straight in at the deep end by attacking a course without some basic skills. Instead, you should get a feel for things first, perhaps by having a hit around a local park. There are some areas designated for this informal type of golf — but make sure you don’t fall foul of any laws, as playing golf in certain public areas could end up with you being prosecuted.

Look further afield for a round of golf

If you’re looking to for a round of golf outside your area, then you can employ many of the methods mentioned previously. Local tourist boards have good information on the golf courses in their area and can also provide you with operators or accommodation should you decide to combine your golf with a short break.

After you have gained some experience, look to get yourself a membership of a golf club so that you can play more regularly. When the time comes to do this, you may find that you have to go on a waiting list and also be proposed to the club by several other members — so it is well worth making some golfing friends early who might be able to open a few doors (or should that be courses?) to you when the need arises.

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  • PaulRitchie2 'It does seem to be quite difficult to find somewhere to play, and even when you do you have to be prepared to be ready to tee-off around 7am to make it worth your while - or it just ends up ridiculous with the amount of people out there playing particularly on the council-run courses.'

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  • Chris_Whitehead 'I once made the mistake of thinking I would be ok to go onto a private course (I was with a member). I was not on th best of from that day and took several large divots outs of the course which did not go down too well. If you are just starting out, its best to stick to the municipal courses where the standard of players is very mixed. '

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  • PaulRitchie2 'I stick to the driving range these days anyway. It's a great way to thrash some balls and let out all that tension!'

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  • HAN75 ' Well with the Ryder cup on at the moment, I think everyone's going to be finding it a bit tough to get a round in. Even the driving ranges are full at the moment.'

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  • alan83 'If you're in Lancashire, I can highly recommend Regent park municipal in Bolton! Or Duxberry Park in Chorley'

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