Top triathlon training gadgets

Using technology to improve your triathlon times

Triathletes traditionally love a good gadget or training tool to keep them entertained during their long training sessions and races and fortunately for us, there are lots of good ones to use.  This week I've listed some of my favourites;

Written by Will Clarke

Will is a British triathlete. He's a former U23 World and European Champion, competed at Beijing 2008 and has twice been British national champion.  He now competes on the World Ironman 70:3 circuit.


SRM Power Meter

This is one of the most important tools you can have for training and racing. SRM is really the holy grail of power meters although it is quite pricey. However it's so functional and reliable, it never fails you, it's accurate, lightweight and looks great. As a training tool it will give you feedback on how much power you push, calculate your average power figures to work with when you're interval training, plus there’s a heart rate reading as well as all the usual timers. 

Garmin Sports Watch

Again this is another crucial gadget for your training and it'll do far more then I know what to do with! For that very reason I only have an average one which I mainly use for stopwatch, distance, lap speed, heart rate and lap pace so I can see how I'm going! I have to say it can be extra useful for longer distance triathlon as you count down the distance you have left to cover plus you can monitor your progress with heart rate and pace. 

Finis Pace Maker

I find this is a really useful gadget for your swimming. It's a simple device that you slip under your swim hat to help with your pacing. It'll bleep at you at an interval that you set beforehand to keep you on pace for your reps. For example when trying to swim one length every 20 seconds. 


Personally I love Strava because I think it's great fun and also a useful training tool! If you're getting GM PB's around your favourite loops then that's good feedback right?! It's a free app that I use from my phone but you can also upload your bike computer to the website.  All you do is turn it on when you start your ride (although maybe not from your house as thieves will be able to figure out where you keep your steed!) and press upload at the end. The app will have recorded your whole ride and ranked you over each segment against anyone who has used Strava on that stretch of road. It's healthy competition against your friends and very motivating if you want to go and smash around on your bike! I still get overjoyed when I upload my ride and see all those trophies flooding in! 

Swimming Band

Here is a freebie, making a swimming band won't cost you anything, all you need to do is tie an old inner tube around your ankles. It's great bang for your buck in terms of the strength you'll take from it in a short amount of time, plus it's good for body position and catch and a perfect warm up to any session. Crack it on whenever you want to slow yourself down, for example when you get those pesky breast rockers in your lane! First timers might want to try 10x25m max power with 20 seconds rest. 

Coach’s Eye

Another nice app that you can download and does exactly as the name suggests.  You can capture video on your device or upload other video you have taken from a Go Pro for example. It allows you to capture slow motion video, draw angles on the screen to suggest where your swimming catch starts and where it probably should start and even does split screen analysis for before and after shots. 


Finally my favourite gadget that I use every day is my juicer. Anything that allows you to enjoy apples, celery, cucumber, ginger and spinach all together before breakfast is a good thing and imagine how good that can make you feel! I have Sage from Heston’s range, it's very strong and easy to clean! I would recommend it to anyone and as long as you put apples in it, it will definitely taste good!

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