Training indoors for the great outdoors

Learn an outdoor sport indoors

Training indoors for outdoor adventures offers many benefits to outdoor enthusiasts. Indoor training offers a safe environment in which to learn new sports or to practice them regularly.

Many outdoor activities take place in remote areas that you might not be able to travel to regularly — but being able to train regularly in an indoor environment will enable you to develop and maintain your skills in activities as diverse as rock climbing, scuba diving, skiing and skydiving! Here, the team have put together some of the benefits of training in ‘the great indoors’ in order to help you get out there and enjoy your adventures in the great outdoors!

  1. Gym and swim indoor training
  2. Indoor rock climbing walls
  3. Indoor ice climbing walls
  4. Kayaking training in swimming pools
  5. Scuba diving training in swimming pools
  6. Skydiving in wind tunnels
  7. Indoor snow slopes

Comments (5)

  • TonySmith2 'Never seen an indoor ski slope. I started out on dry ski slopes outdoors but indoor would be a whole new experience. Wonder if it ever catches on.'

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  • Adventure_lad_1 'Tony... Indoor ski slopes are awesome fun and not half as painful as dry ski slopes when you fall over as you are on real snow... when I was learning that was a major advantage as I spent most of the time on my backside! '

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  • Chris_Whitehead ' I Suppose ice climbing indoors at least give you a chance to have a go in relative safety, after all it's not exactly sometyhing you are just going to take to as a complete novice when outdoors. Don't suppose it's much of spectator sports indoors - a bit too cold perhaps!'

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  • Adventure_lad_1 'Hi Chris - the ice climbing walls I have been to all have windows in to allow spectators to watch all the action without getting cold! Ice-climbing is awesome fun but like you said an indoor wall is a very safe environment in which to learn as it can be a bit daunting outdoors for the first time!'

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  • adam_s 'I learny to kayak in a swimming pool and it certainly allows you to gain some confidence. I had a bit of a fear about rolling and not being able to get out but once you've built up your confidence you're more raring to have a go outside. '

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