Training rules of mountain biking

Useful fitness information for all types of cyclist

Mountain biking can be greatly beneficial when it comes to improving health and fitness but only if you go about your cycling in the right way. Getting the right cycle training program can take time, if you want to mountain bike your way to being fit. Here are’s top cycle training tips to successfully bring out the mountain biker in you.

Rest from mountain biking

It may seem strange to start this list with rest, but if you don’t get this element of your cycle training right then you will not make any progress. Whilst you don’t want the whole of your program to consist of rest, it’s essential to listen to your body and take time off regularly.

Cycle train according to how you feel

If you’re having a bad day and feel that another bike ride would be detrimental then don’t go. Training when you’re feeling unwell or having a stressful time at work for example is counterproductive. This is not to be confused with that ‘I can’t be bothered, because I feel tired’ feeling!

Have a cycle training plan

Cycling without a plan can be demoralizing. If you have a target in mind, like a specific point-to-point ride, or an overseas cycle challenge, then you need to follow a plan or you could find you are literally going around in circles. A plan will give you short, medium and long term targets that you can tick off as you achieve them.

Stick to your biking plan

Once you have devised your plan, or have decided to follow one of ours, then stick to it. Don’t be tempted to deviate from it just because you’re having a particularly good day. The plan will have been put together with all of the basics of training in mind, such as the need for progression.

Build up your cycling slowly

Don’t be tempted to do too much too soon. Even though you might feel that you just want to get into your cycling in a big way from day one, make sure that you stick to your plan and start slowly. If you don’t then you are very likely to get injured.

Get into a cycle training routine

By this, we mean get used to going out on your bike regularly. Build it into your way of life, just like you go to work and have dinner when you get back. What we don’t mean is do the same ride all the time. If you do that then you won’t make any progress.

Go your own way on your bike

Training with a partner suits some people more than others. There are advantages but there are plenty of disadvantages. You may well find it better to do your own thing, especially in the early days. One of the problems of training with others is that you lose heart if you can’t keep up or don’t make as much progress as they do. Remember the principle of individualisation.

Don’t waver from your cycling

Believe in yourself and don’t give up. There will be plenty of times when you doubt your ability to follow your plan and achieve your goals. Don’t lose sight of your goal — keep at it. We all have bad days but don’t let them affect your overall program.

Is anything letting you down in your biking?

If you aware there is something letting you down then work on it. Don’t let a weakness bring down your training. Deal with it as soon as you identify it. Maybe you aren’t that strong at going downhill and you’re struggling with the right gear selection. Get advice and sort it out!

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