Turtle relay

Relay game for the kids

Turtle relay is great fun and a good family workout – as long as you don’t mind getting egg on your face! The only things you will need to play are enough eggs to last for the whole game.

  1. Mark out a start line, and then mark out a finish line about 5m away.
  2. Divide your group into two teams, and get them to stand in two lines behind the start line.
  3. Give the first player in each team an egg.
  4. To start the game, the first person from each team gets down on their hands and knees behind the start line and the starter shouts ‘Go!‘.
  5. The objective is to roll the egg to the finish line using only your head! No hands or other body parts are allowed to touch the egg.
  6. If someone breaks their egg, then they must run back to the start line and start again with new egg. (Make sure there are a lot of eggs on standby!)
  7. If someone touches the egg with any body part other than their head, then they must run back to the start line with their egg and start again.
  8. Once someone’s egg has crossed the finish line, the team member should pick it up and sprint back to their team to ‘tag’ the next member to go.
  9. The winning side is the fastest to get all their team members back behind the start line.
If you don’t want to get messy, turtle relay doesn’t have to be played using eggs. You can have just as much fun playing turtle relay using apples, oranges or tennis balls.

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