Vertical jump – to assess explosive power

A test to indicate your power exertion

Power is the ability to exert a force quickly. It’s what gets sprinters off the blocks and basketballers shooting hoops. To exert power, all your muscle fibers have to be recruited, so people with lots of endurance, but less strength, are often quite poor at it. Here's the guide to working out your power explosivity.

How to do this exercise

To assess your power, stand next to a clear wall space and raise your arm which is closest to the wall as high as possible (without standing on your tip-toes!). Mark the spot where your fingertips touch the wall. Once you’ve done this, leap up as high as possible, arms overhead, and touch the highest point you can on the wall. If there isn’t anyone there to mark the spot you reach, you can smudge some chalk or pencil on your finger to make a mark. Now you need to subtract your standing height from your jumping height in cm and compare your result to those below.

Results of this exercise

  • 61 to 70cm for men / 51 to 60cm for women = very good
  • 51 to 60cm for men / 41 to 50cm for women = good
  • 41 to 50cm for men / 31 to 40cm for women = average
  • 40cm or less for men / 30cm or less for women = below average

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