Visit the Amazon Rainforest

An inspiring experience

The Amazon rainforest boasts more species of fish than found in the entire Atlantic Ocean — a staggering 2,000. The vast forest also has around 4,000 species of birds.

Visit the Amazon Rainforest for an inspiring experience
The Amazon jungle and rivers cover a whopping six million sq km through eight countries and is a true mecca for adventure travelers. We reckon everyone should try to see it before it goes or they do!

How to experience the Amazon

There are plenty of ways in which to experience the Amazon, such as hiking and flying. The most popular way to see it is by boat. A popular spot to begin an Amazon adventure is in Iquitos in Peru. Iquitos is the largest jungle city of Peru and is considered one of the most ecologically and visually rich areas of Amazonian rainforest. Iquitos lies 640 miles (1,030km) northeast of Lima.

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