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Running terms beginning with 'W'

A selection of key running terms to ensure that running terminology doesn’t leave you confused. Refer to the key running terms below and find out their meaning so that you’ll be a running expert in no time...

Wall, the, other technical term.
‘The wall’ is the term used by marathon runners to refer to the time when they run out of energy and the race becomes much, much harder. Physiologically, as the runner hits ‘the wall’, he or she is running out of glucose and switching over to burning body-fat, and this process has the effect of making the runner feel like they have lead boots on! Once this stage has been overcome, running becomes easier and the runner can continue for long periods. Partially or completely delaying hitting the wall can be achieved through correct training and nutrition, together with refuelling during the race so that energy supplies do not run out.

Warm-down, activity.
See Cool-down.

Warm-up, activity.
Gentle, slow exercise at the beginning of a workout. A warm-up prepares a person’s muscles and improves their heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature before an exercise session.

Wet-vest, equipment.
A buoyancy garment that enables a runner to train in a swimming pool by mimicking a running action while in the water. Usually employed when injured or rehabilitating from injury.

Wicking, other technical term.
A process by which moisture is transported away from the body in a fabric. Typically, this means that a layer next to the skin attracts sweat and passes that moisture through the membrane or fabric of the garment to the exterior, where it can be evaporated.

Wobble board, equipment.
A circular wooden disc with a hemisphere on one side. It is used for stability training, core exercises and strengthening the ankle and/or rehabilitation from ankle injuries.

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