Wakeboarding as an extreme sport

An extreme sport to try out

Simply put, wakeboarding is like water skiing, but on one plank rather than two. A powerboat creates a tail in the water, and the idea is that you use this as a ramp to perform airborne tricks. Initially, though, you’ll probably settle for being able to stand up when starting out in wakeboarding!

wakeboarding jump

Who is wakeboarding suitable for?

Wakeboarding is pretty exhausting and requires good stamina — both when trying to stand and also when having to swim when you’ve come unstuck! There is generally no age limit to participation — the only limit being your own degree of fitness. Surfers, snowboarders and water skiers will probably take to it easily.

Risk factors of wakeboarding

Seriously aching muscles plus the odd strain and bump will be the main risk to you, although you may have to look out for other people on the water so as to avoid a nasty collision when wakeboarding.

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