Wall sit – to assess leg strength/endurance

A test to indicate your leg muscle strength

This exercise test – in which you sit on an ‘invisible chair’ against a wall until your thighs tighten – gives a good idea of your lower-body strength. Here's the guide on how to do this exercise routine and see how strong your lower body is.

How to do this exercise

Find a wall space, lean your back against it and shuffle your feet forward. Slide your back down the wall until your knee and hip joints are at a right angle, and then start your stopwatch. Hold the position as long as you can bear – breathing freely.

Results of this exercise

  • 76 seconds or more for men / 46 seconds or more for women = very good
  • 58 to 75 seconds for men / 36 to 45 seconds for women = average
  • 57 to 30 seconds for men / 35 to 20 seconds for women = below average
  • 30 seconds or less for men / 20 seconds or less for women = poor

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