Weight Watchers diet

Popular diet plans assessed

With a wide choice of diets out there to help with weight loss, choosing the right diet plan is not an easy task. Here we put the Weight Watchers diet under the microscope so you can decide whether it is the right diet to aid your weight loss.

Weight Watchers Diet

The theory behind Weight Watchers diet

Weight Watchers is based on a point system. ‘Pure points’ gives every food a number of points that are based on the food’s nutritional breakdown. Everyone has a total number of points per day (depending on how much weight you may want to lose).

Our opinion on Weight Watchers diet — marked out of 10.

Satisfying hunger 4
Good for health 9
Ease to follow 7
Expense 2
Overall rating 8

Overall verdict on Weight Watchers diets

The support that is provided for people attending Weight Watchers is a key to the success of this program. Also, regular recording (writing down) what you eat has been proven to be the way that many people succeed at losing weight and keeping it off; this is encouraged at Weight Watchers.

The nature of the classes means that you will be with people who have similar issues.

Pros about Weight Wacthers diet

  • It encourages changes to be made for the long term.
  • It is a supportive, group-led environment.
  • It encourages slow, sensible weight loss.

Cons about Weight Watchers diet

  • It is a prescriptive diet that some may not be able to stick to forever.
  • Counting points may become an obsession and the relative health merits of certain foods may be overlooked.
Alcohol — allowed.
Suitable for vegetarians — yes.
Suitable for vegans — yes.
Suitable for coeliacs — yes.
Need to buy specialist foods — no.
Restaurant friendly — yes.

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