Wet footprint test – to assess foot strike pattern in running

A test to indicate your running exercise gait

Words like pronation and motion control are bandied around freely in running and fitness circles, but short of forking out for a full-scale gait analysis, how do you know what type of foot and foot strike pattern you have? This test will give you a basic picture of your running gait.

How to do this exercise

You need some plain concrete, or even a sheet of cardboard to walk on. Dunk your feet in water and then walk across the surface of the concrete or cardboard. Can you see the entire silhouette of your foot, or is it more of an outline, with just heels and toes showing?

Results of this exercise

  • Toe prints plus heel but little in between = High arches. These are associated with excessive supination, or under-pronation.
  • Entire foot shows = Low or flat arches. These are associated with over-pronation.
  • Toes and forefoot plus heel, joined by a broad band = Normal or ‘neutral’ foot strike.

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