What are corporate charity challenges?

Bring colleagues together and raise money for charity

There are a variety of corporate challenge options available from treks to cycling events, road races to triathlons, multi-activity events to adventure races, through to community projects overseas or even a simple round of golf.

Corporate challenges can usually be approached in one of two ways: either going directly to a specific charity and securing places through them for a group of work colleagues, or alternatively, your employer can go directly to a private provider of challenges and then opt to raise funds for a charity of their or their employees' choice.

Clearly, there are costs involved with these events, and the charity may have to insist that that each individual or corporate group (if you have got your places from them direct) has to raise a set amount in order for them to cover their costs and return a profit. Essentially, the more you raise in sponsorship, the more goes to the charity.

If you intend to cover the costs of the corporate challenge, either part through your company and/or sponsorship, then you need to make sure that you raise enough to ensure there will be some surplus, or at least be prepared to bear some of the cost of the activity yourself.

Corporate challenges can vary in their difficulty and the degree of preparation and training required to participate. Physical fitness can sometimes be a factor, so if the challenge is one requiring a reasonable degree of fitness or greater to take part, then some preparatory training may be required in the months leading up to the event.

The great thing with corporate challenges is that they can usually cater for a wide variety of participants. Frequently part of the challenges themselves is teamwork, so it is often up to the stronger individuals to help carry the rest of the group with them, or at least for the group, or group leaders to find the way to get the best out of each individual.

Whether your challenge is provided directly through a private company or you have secured it through a charity, the providers of such challenges will ensure that all the necessary arrangements for your challenge have been made. The specifics will vary from challenge to challenge but generally accommodation, food, guides, support vehicles etc will be provided on the longer challenges. If you are going further afield your flight may be included, if there is one, as will all transfers, but this will mean that the amount you have to raise goes up accordingly to reflect this.

Companies are increasingly turning to corporate challenges as a means of improving vital team-building and company morale, and if this can be combined with raising funds for a chosen charity, then it's a win-win situation for all parties concerned.

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