What constitutes your ‘five a day’?

A few options for your daily portions of fruit and veg

We all know that we should eat at least five portions of fruit and veg a day, but sometimes this seems to be a difficult task. Well, the truth is it’s really not! Eating five a day is a realistic and achievable goal for everyone.

To prove it to you, here are 10 great examples of what ‘one portion of fruit or veg’ actually consists of:

One pear = one portion

One banana = one portion

One apple = one portion

One orange = one portion

22 grapes = one portion

One standard tomato = one portion

10 mushrooms = one portion

16 raspberries = one portion

6cm (2.4in) slice of cucumber = one portion

One carrot = one portion

Hopefully, most of us already follow the ‘five-a-day’ rule on a day-to-day basis but for those who don’t, we’ve shown how simple it really is so now there’s no excuse!

By eating the ‘fab five’ each day, you’ll be on your way to a much happier and healthier lifestyle!

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  • Lady_K 'Five a day seems hard a first but it is easy after a while!'

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  • PaulRitchie2 'I do try to stick to the five a day thing but it doesn't always prove that easy. Definitley just having some fruit handy when you are in work and have a fruit juice is a real good way to get you at least half the way there.'

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  • HAN75 'Five a day is quite easy to manage if you just keep a good stash of fruit at work. Every now and gain I just stock up at lunch time so that there's always fruit of some description at hand throughout the day. Keeps me off those chocolate bars too - well most of the time.'

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  • adam_s 'I've probably been kidding myself thinking that eating five small satsumas is giving me my five a day!'

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  • groaky 'Don't the Americans have 10 portions a day? Or is it 12? Either way I find the discrepancy slightly worrying if this is true...'

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  • SMWilcock 'Remember that five-a-day is the BARE MINIMUM you should be eating and that we should be aiming for at least seven or eight portions a day. In response to Luke Miller's comment though, do we really want to take nutritional advice from the nation that gave us McDonalds, KFC and Burger King??!!'

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