What's a charity gala ball and what to expect

Charity gala balls uncovered

You shall go to the ball, but of course only if you buy a ticket. Charity balls are held to raise funds for all manner of different charities and they vary in level of grandeur on display at each event.

Some charity balls can be stunning gala events, often held at splendid venues, and this is often the appeal of them, giving guests the opportunity to go to grand hotels that they otherwise might never get the opportunity to visit. Others can be less ambitious and perhaps less daunting and may be more akin to sportsman's dinner style event.

At some of the larger charity events you can often expect to find a celebrity or two, often the charity patron, who has added their backing to the charity by attending. These celebs may play an active role in the gala evening, often getting involved with the proceedings such as a charity auction.

Expect the event, on most occasions, to be a black tie affair. There will usually be dinner, dancing, and a charity auction. Group tables, usually for corporate groups are available, though individual tickets are often available although you'll have to be prepared to sit with unknown guests.

Some balls may be themed, so can be anything from a Masked Ball to a James Bond themed event, or a sports/Olympic-themed ball to a Moulin Rouge evening, so a little effort on your part may be required to fit in with the theme.

There is often a wide variety of entertainment including live music, casinos, and charity auctions usually form part of the evening's entertainment.

One thing that is certain is that you will have fun and get the chance to experience an evening with a high level of service to make your evening great value for money. And to make the cost of your evening's entertainment go down well, it's worth remembering that the proceeds from the event go to charity. Go on and have a ball.

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