What support package can charity runners expect?

The charity runner package

What the runner can expect to receive from their charity will be largely the same regardless of whether they have their own place in the event or have committed to raise a target amount for that charity. Here's the lowdown on what you can expect to receive from most charities as a charity runner.

Your support package: What support package can charity runners expect?

Running for a charity is great because charities want their runners to succed and therefore most offer a decent support package intended to assist throughout the fundraising and training process.

Charity runs and what support packages chairties offer runners

A typical charity package offered to runners could include any of the following:

  • Fundraising pack including vital information and fundraising tips
  • Expert week-by-week training plan
  • Running vest or t-shirt with charity logo
  • Regular newsletter updates
  • Runner goody bag
  • Access to a local charity campaigners
  • Assistance with setting up online fundraising to help you reach your target
  • Online discussion group and support
  • Pasta or other 'carbo-load' party the day before the race
  • Cheering squads at key stages around the race course
  • Post-marathon reception (where you can meet up with family), including complimentary sports massage

Your support package: How to choose a charity

Each of the charities vary in size and resources, so the charity package varies accordingly. But what you receive in return for running should not really make a massive difference to the choice you make of who to run for. Many considerations can affect your choice of charity, although if you have no real preference, you might want to think whether you prefer to be part of a small team of runners or a large one.

What is guaranteed is that whatever charity you opt to run for, they will support you throughout the whole experience. After all, they want to make sure you make it to the start and finish line so that they can get the most income possible from their runners. Plus your race distance won't change their level of supoprt, whether you are doing a 5k or a marathon.

Your support package: How to find a charity to run for

If you are still undecided which charity to run for then check out our charity challenges listings and find a charity who you can run for.

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  • pamelal 'I did my first marathon earlier this year for charity (London Marathon fundraising for Scope). It was one of the best experiences of my life and I well up just thinking about it. I would highly recommend both the fundraising, training and race to anyone.'

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