White water rafting as an extreme sport

An extreme sport to try out

It’s not called ‘white water rafting’ without good reason (it refers to the color of the water when it is particularly turbulent) — and your knuckles will probably be white too as you a make your way with your team (usually up to eight people) along the raging rapids with nothing more than an inflatable craft between you and a cold dip!

group of people white water rafting

Who is white water rafting suitable for?

It’s suitable for most with a brave heart and strong arms for all that paddling — although many companies will only allow over-18s to participate. Thankfully, rapids are normally graded from one to six (one being the easiest and six the hardest) — so you will have an idea what you are letting yourself in for beforehand.

Risk factors of white water rafting

There is some element of risk and you’ll need to be a reasonable swimmer. Beginners will obviously start on the easy rapids and will be accompanied by a raft guide, but the more accustomed you get, the greater the thrill you’ll be seeking. Inflatable rafts have several chambers — so even if one bursts, you’ll remain afloat. You should also stay afloat if you go overboard, thanks to your life jacket!

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