White water rafting in the UK

Extreme rafting in the UK

White water rafting has to be one the ultimate adventure activities – the ideal way to experience the excitement of trundling through white water amongst fantastic unspoilt natural environments. But don’t be thinking it's all plain sailing – if you are up for white water rafting you need to be prepared to get wet, totally wet ... soaked in fact. So if you are up for raging rapids, cascading waterfalls and bit of nail-biting competition thrown into the mix then a white water rafting trip could just be your bag.

Who can do it?

As white water rafting is an adventure activity with some risk involved there are a few restrictions on who can take part. You need to be aged between 14 and 65 years and under 18's must have parental consent. There are also some weight restrictions too - you must be 17 stone or under. However its good advice to check out with the tour operator you plan to go with as restrictions may vary. Surprisingly even those who have a minor fear of water should not rule out the activity as a trip on a white water raft has cured the fear in some cases. This might be because you are so excited that you forget the raging waters beneath you.

Where can you do it?

The good news is if you want to put yourself through a white-knuckle ride you don’t need to leave UK shores, there are plenty of locations across the UK that offer the adventure sport. The main UK hotspots are the River Findhorn near Aviemore in Scotland and Afon Tryweryn near Bala in Wales. Granted – if you raft in the UK, you raft in UK climes which can be a bit on the chilly side compared to rafting abroad, but hey there is an upside – least you don’t need to worry about river snakes or piranhas. To find out the nearest operator to you then your best bet is to check out the British Canoe Union website.

How much will it cost?

This will really depend on your operator, where you decide to go and how long you go for. If you are wanting to do a full day you can expect to pay around £150 on a Saturday or a Sunday. Choosing to raft on a weekday may reduce the cost a little as some operators offer a discounted rate. Another option is to go the whole hog opt for a multi-day package which can be as long as five days. This sort of trip will cost you around the £350 mark – but be prepared to rough it as the accommodation on offer on multiday trips is usually dorms in hostels or camping in the good old great outdoors.

The charity option

Alternatively, you could choose to go through a charity. Not only will you have the time of your life, you will also be able to raise lots of cash for a worthy cause. If you do want to experience white-knuckle white water raft with a charity, it is more than likely, the charity will already have packages available. This will then save you the hassle of making all the arrangements.

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