Why participate in a charity trek?

Top 10 reasons to get involved in charity trekking

If you are itching to go to some far-flung destination to tackle a particular challenge, then a charity trek may be your way to achieve it. Charities offer such a range of trekking challenges that enable you to take on the experience of a lifetime.

Not only are there many health benefits to getting your hiking boots on to prepare for your charity trek, you will also meet new people along the way and hopefully raise pots of cash for a charity.

Here's a list of reasons why you should give charity trekking a go.

  • If you are already someone who enjoys a good hike, then why not put your skills in the the hobby towards raising funds for charity?
  • If you are not a hiker, then become one! It is the most simple of things to do, requiring little in the way of initial outlay, although a good pair of boots and waterproof clothing are a must.
  • Trekking is a very sociable activity to do and you can get out and train with others, as well as participating with new people when you take part in your chosen challenge.
  • You get the chance to see a place you have not been to before. Many treks go to strange and exotic locations, and you can get there for free!
  • Your trip need not cost you much (or could even be free), provided you raise the minimum required amount of funds for your charity.
  • Trekking burns fat and helps improved fitness by working the cardiovascular system.
  • Trekking is an excellent form of stress relief and gives you a real sense of freedom.
  • Trekking is for people of all ages. Many people decide to take on a charity trek as they approach a particular landmark like a 50th birthday.
  • Achieving a goal makes you feel amazing. By signing up to a charity trek, you will give yourself a challenge with purpose.
  • A charity trek is something new - a once in a lifetime experience!

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