Improving your cardiovascular fitness and flexibility with Zumba

Part of the increasing trend of aerobics classes moving towards dance style workouts to become more engaging, Zumba fitness is now a mega movement. Based on a mix of Latin dance choreography from styles such as salsa and rumba, Zumba is a cardiovascular and aerobic exercise routine that alternates between fast-paced and slow paced dance moves.

The workout tones the body by using repetitive, resistance exercises which work in a way similar to interval training due to the varying speeds at which the routines are performed. 

A typical class will begin with a warm-up followed by a build-up through basic movements to more advanced ones. You will gradually combine various smaller techniques to form complete dance moves and then execute them at varying levels of intensity. This makes it a fun and uncomplicated way to learn quite difficult dance moves and means you need relatively little dance skill to get into Zumba.

CV fitness rating High
Strength rating Moderate
Flexibility rating Moderate
Challenge rating Moderate
Complexity rating Moderate
Benefits Zumba fitness will provide a workout which will burn calories, improve your suppleness and tone trouble spots.

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