Benefits of Running

7 surprising benefits of running

We all know running is great for losing weight and boosting your fitness, but what about some of its lesser known benefits? From increased bedroom performance to being better at your job, here are seven of the most surprising benefits of running.

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The motivation for taking up running

What's your running motivation? Here’s a great list of reasons why people love to run, and why you should to! 

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Is running good for you?

Is running good for you? Running has often been viewed as a potentially dangerous activity. But can a sport that improves your cardiovascular fitness really be bad for you? Here's an assessment on whether running is good or bad for you.

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The fitness benefits of running

Here's our guide to the health benefits of running and the science behind why running is good for you:

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The benefits of joining a running club

Joining a running club can improve your running. Here we take a look at how running clubs can benefit you:

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Why steady running is good for you

Why is steady running good for you? There are in fact a lot of health benefits to be had through steady running. Here we take a look at the top reasons why steady running is good for you.

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Top 25 reasons to get running

Running is good for you, both physically and mentally. Here are the top 25 reasons why you really should start running today.

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Are two runs a day a good idea?

Running doubles as it is known, are a common practice among elite athletes, but is it right for you? We thought we’d try and help by weighing up all the pros and cons.

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