London Marathon April 23rd 2017

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Adam Mellor


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London Marathon April 23rd 2017

My training journey towards the 2017 Virgin London Marathon

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How to run a marathon in unde...

I am a member of St Albans Striders and last week we had one of those great club moments when everyone gets together as a team to achieve the impossible. Someone read that Nike were putting together a team of runners with the aim of one of them running ...

Improve your training … by go...

I am very lucky to be a member of a friendly running club that holds monthly pub runs and other sporadic social runs mostly from favourite tea rooms that serve the best breakfasts in the district. Theses runs are held at a deliberately easy conversation...

I have a plan!

I have a won a ballot place for the 2017 London Marathon and have gone straight to my tried and tested ready-made training plan as my base. I don’t know where it came from originally. When I joined Get Started in the Autumn 2011, I followed the run lead...