Ankle Sprains for Healthy Brains.

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Christina  Clark


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Ankle Sprains for Healthy Brains.

The trials and tribulations of training for the London Marathon. 



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It's getting serious now...

This is getting serious now. I have creaky knees, throbbing calves and am still recovering from a deep tissue massage (paid torture) I had the other day. I can't believe it cost me £50 to have someone rub there knuckles and elbows deeply and painfully u...

So excited... I sprained my a...

I've ALWAYS wanted to run the London Marathon... HURRAH! So excited to receive my place. So excited, infact, that this went and happened... Less 'Hurrahs' and more peas (the frozen type).  Then four days of bed rest : ( Not a good start! Ah well, at l...