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Keep on "Tri" ing........

Well, I did it! I ran the Virgin London Marathon 2010, and I have to say I am quite proud! Not so much of my time but definately of the achievement and I raised £1,242 for Guide Dogs.

So I ended up having a little break from the running game during the back end of 2010 due to work and niggling injuries, but now its time to start again..and I have many plans!!


Running & Tri 2011

Shakespeare Raceway 10k (March 5th 2011) 1hr 1m 33s

Leamington Regency 10k (April 10th 2011) 1hr 23s

Cov Tri Aquathlon (400m / 3.2k) (April 23rd) 31m 55s

Stratford Fun Tri ( 400 / 23k / 2.5k) (May 15th) 1hr 18m 55s

Blenheim Triathlon Super Sprint (400 ow / 13.2k /2.9k)  (June 4th 2011)

Two Castles 10k ( June 12th 2011)

Foremark Hall Sprint Tri (400m / 20k / 5k)  1hr 34m 37s

Roade Sprint Tri (414m / 20k / 4.5)             1hr 22m 20s

Warwickshire Tri (400m / 23k / 5k)             1hr 34m 45s

Come back soon!


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