My 10k Training

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My 10k Training

Well, here's my first blog!

Way back in the 80's I was doing races up to Half marathons but as I got older and "more busy" I gradually fell away and stopped training and racing but always told myself I would have another go at some point.

That point has arrived it seems. I have just completed the first week of my 8 week plan to run the Dronfield 10K in March. It has gone quite well and not produced any of the aches and pains I was expecting, so it seems there's life in the old dog yet.  Speed is an issue at this early stage (I can't do the pace I used to go at 25 years ago) but if my target is reached I'm hoping to get in under the hour.

I'll post progress weekly so if anybody out there is in the same boat (?) I hope it will be an encouragement to plod on.




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