Week Two

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Week Two

A bit late with the blog I know!

Training this week started out fulfilling my good intentions, then on Wednesday (Cross training- swimming) it snowed and we couldn't get to the baths so no training!! By Saturday I had developed a cough, sore throat and runny conk, so remembering the advice from my previous running days I decided to rest up and get myself well again. That finished off the training for week 2, so here's to week 3 and a full schedule.

It just served to remind me of how difficult it can be sometimes to get the miles in, but I shall keep at it, even if my expected time for the 10K gets longer.

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Race day

Yep. You guessed it by the smile. I got round the full 10km. The weather was very good, with just a slight breeze for most of the time which gave a bit of respite from the heat of the sun or was it just the heat generated by running. The course? A loop...

Week 7

Late again with the blog, but doing ok with the training.The days I was supposed to train did not really follow the schedule, as Tuesday I was busy until late so I did the 3.5 miles on Wednesday and followed it with 30 lengths of the local pool. Yeh, yo...

Week 6

Hi to you all.   Week 6 and all training mileage completed! This despite spending two days in London so I'm pleased with myself. Thursday was travelling day, so I took it as rest instead of Friday. and caught up then. The hotel had a fitness centre so I...

Week 5

Week 5 and still the elusive sub 10 min/mile average time. I can run sub 10 for my first mile as it's majority flat and downhill but the second is mostly uphill so it knocks down the average, and when I did 4 on Sunday it came out at 10.3 mins/mile - 18...