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Running the Show

Hello everybody!

First of all I’m going to offer a small amount of background information about myself as this is my first blog post. I’m a 24 year old distance runner, concentrating on half marathon and beyond but mainly looking just to enjoy my running. I started running competitively in University for the athletics club and have raced, on and off due to injuries, ever since. Over the last year I’ve been much more focussed in my training managing my activities and diet outside of running and have seen some great results. I’m clocking around 60 miles a week consistently and staying injury free which is leading to some much faster times as well as my first win! I write my own training plans, I gained my level 2 athletics coaching badge whilst in university, use online resources, shared knowledge of friends and words of wisdom from my Dad; a keen runner in his youth.

My Current PBs are as such:

5k- 17:42

10k- 37:44

Half Marathon- 1,23:14

Marathon- 3,08:48

Though I do hope to improve some of these this year. 2017 is the year of the PB!

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