She just keeps on running.

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She just keeps on running.

Here we are in  May 2013 and I'm back again blogging. Hoping to chart the usual ups and downs of my training for, partaking in and recovering from my running events. Hoping to catch up with familiar faces and make new running friends

Races so far completed in 2013

March 3rd: Roding Valley Half Marathon  -  1 hr 45:32 (PB)

April 21st   Virgin London Marathon:  -  3:41:37  (PB and GFA)

May 6th     Milton Keynes Marathon -   3 :48: 29 ( Course PB and GFA)


Events to come in 2013 

May 25th  London2Brighton Challenge 100 KM   -

June 1st   Kent RoadRunner Marathon

6th July    Enigma Summer Marathon

August     RideLondon 100 mile cycle event

6th Oct     Chester Marathon

20th Oct   Yorkshire Marathon

23rd Nov   Enigma Track Marathon

This will be updated as and when necessary so watch this space!





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Last weekend....

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And so it begins..... obsession with the weather forecast for Saturday 25th- the day of the  London2Brighton 100k Thoroughly irked that I can't count and that the 10  day forecast only takes us up until the Friday where at least it looks dry in both London and Brighto...

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As promised- my very belated London Marathon report I had a few marathons  planned for 2013 but I like to kick off the year with the London Marathon. In 2012 I had been thrilled to get my first ever sub 4 at London ( 3:50:16)  which also gave me the ver...

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