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Johanne Spittle


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I am Johanne and live in a village near York. I started this blog to follow my training for the GNR 2009 but am now working towards hopefully the London Marathon (4th entry this year). I have been running seriously since 2007 although I am not planning to set any records just to keep plodding along enjoying my running as much as possible.



Races and Results

GNR 2008 - 2:11:11

GNR 2007 - 2:14:38


5K - Millenium Bridge 2007 - 27:23

10K - Kirkbymoorside 2010 - 57:41

1/2 marathon - Amsterdam 2009 - 2:07:26

2009 Races

York Brass Monkey Half -18.01.09 - 2:13:15

Humber Bridge 10K - 31.05.09 - 58:19

Mizuno Wave Castle Howard 10.45K trail - 14.06.09 - 1:6:29

Kilburn Feast 7 miles - 12.07.09 - not done

York 10K - 02.08.09 - 1:1:41

Escrick 10K - 23.08.09 - 1.06 Garmin

Ryedale 10 - 06.09.09

GNR 2009 - 20.09.09

Castle Howard 10K - 27.09.09 -58:59

Amsterdam Half Marathon - 18.10.09: 2:07:26 (PB)

Filey 10K - 01.11.09 - 1:04:50

2010 Races

Brass Monkey Half - 24.01.10 - 2:07:39

Arkendale 10K - 28.01.10 - 1:04:10

Kirkbymoorside 10K - 02.05.10: 57:41

Humber Bridge 10K - 06.06.10: 55.51 ; 55:40 (garmin) *PB*

Alnwick Coastal Run (13.55 miles) - 18.07.10: 2:22:11

Big Bad Bike Ride - 74 Miles

2011 Races


Race for Life 5K - 19 June 2011

York 10K

2012 Runs

Kirbymoorside 6 May 2012

York 10K 5 August   1:02:25

Blog Statistics

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Hot stuff and Nike app disaster

So far the training is going well. On friday I did a 2.5K treadmill warm up (I so could not have done anymore - I hate that dreadmill, its a mystery to me how other people bear it) followed by a body pump class. Normal 10K weights (+1K bar) on the squat...


I got a call from Alzheimer's on Monday to offer me a guaranteed place in the London Marathon. Yay. I cant believe that I am actually going to do it after all this time. I am looking forward to training with Alzheimer's support and being part of their '...

Quick post - 5.5K

Just a quick post as I am supposed to be working. Quick run last night - across the fields and up to the top of my hill. I can justify a short one if there is an uphill involved. But ugh I was so slow and heavy and it felt so hot and muggy. Whimped out...

York 10K

Morning started off foggy - ideal conditions for both running and sneaking off to the bushes to avoid the queues :0 It was boiling once we got started and the dwarf mask soon came off. We started too far back and cursed ourselves later for getting so mi...

VLM training has started

As I have put in a serious bid to take part inthe VLM this year - having also applied for a charity place to run for Alzheimers society - I am actually fairly optimistic of a place this year :) So I think I should be at least half marathon fit for Octob...

I can't believe it....

I can't believe it was 7 May when I last posted. I've been having a loss of mojo I'm afraid and I have not run for weeks. I am like a lump of yard. Forced myself out today and did 5K and it was ok so I suppose there is hope. I have a 10K race on 5 Augus...

KIrkbymoorside 10K

I wasnt feeling too great on sunday - woke up shivery and sore throat. I didnt really feel well enough but didnt feel ill enough either so took a couple of paracetemol and worked on the basis of kill or cure. The start to this race is all uphill. Normal...

First Parkrun

Just done my first Parkrun, in York. It was great fun, really sociable if a little cold and windy. I didnt see you Geoff but then it dawned on me afterwards that you may have been volunteering - I will actively search you out next time! Well I wasnt the...

14 under the belt

4 miles tonight with hill. 14 miles total so far this week so am happy with that. I will take a rest for a couple of days and then either weights or parkrun saturday and thats me done until my first race out this year on sunday :)

Could I be any wetter?

I thought I would wait a bit yesterday to see if the rain would stop. Foolish error because it just got heavier and heavier until I was forced out thinking that if I waited any longer I would be swimming. I managed a good 6.8 miles but my garmin finally...

Kirkbymoorside training

I have entered my first 10K race of the season  Its at Kirkbymoorside a week on sunday. I did this a couple of years ago and it is really really hard becaue you start on a hill and the first mile is all uphill and flipping steep too. I am not as fit as ...

Wet wet wet

So much for the drought. It was wet and muddy under foot yesterday and I was slipping everywhere. I have changed my blog to 4th time lucky as I reckon I should get into the London Marathon this year and if not I am going to try to get a charity place. I...

Lovely sunshine...

What a difference it makes to be running in the sunshine. I swear that I smiled all the way round on my run yesterday; it just felt so nice to feel a warm sun and to think of all those nice summer runs to come. I have been a sloth over the last 3 weeks....

its nearly my birthday

My birthday on friday - big one. Its been on my mind since christmas and pushing me on to get half marathon fit and half a cracking season. So by the next time I blog I will be over the hill. Chilling thought. Anyway this weekend's run a big difference ...

Snow run

I have been fighting off a cold for weeks seems like it comes back every time I exercise. Friday night and saturday morning did intense body pump classes despite feeling rubbish but I think I sweated it out. Rewarded self with a rugby match in front of ...

Running cold and Mel B

Woke up sunday with yet another temp and sore throat. I am thinking its my body's way of trying to avoid running. Mind you had an exhausting saturady - again - up at 6.20am as daughter wanted to go to chapel before school (?) and who am I to stand in th...

Northumberland Coastal Run

Booked my place on this run - all 1150 places now all sold out. This was my favourite run of 2010 with beaches, cliffs, Dunstanburgh Castle and a smokery at Craster. Fantastic stuff.

Garmin help needed; body pump...

My garmin keeps going low on batteries adfter about 50 minutes - anyone got any suggestions? it is a Forerunner 205. I have tried running battreies down and then charging to full but it happened again today - very annoying as it needs to last 2 hours + ...

Keeping going

I had planned an 8 mile loop this morning but woke up with a sore throat and a temperature. Decided to do a short slow one instead but ended up managing 5 miles quite comfortably; altyhough a little wheezy and sweaty! Not sure if the run was a good idea...

First Run of 2012

Been out for my first run of 2012. It was sunny but pleasantly chilly albeit windy. It was muddy and slippy under foot in places and I only have road shoes but it all adds to the challenge. I ran across the fields and then onto the back lane and a small...

Happy New Year and back to ru...

I have just seen that I have not posted for 4 months plus; for some reason my iphone will not do it anymore and so I end up not doing it. However if anyone else has sorted the iphone problem let me know! Failing that I will just have to see if some of y...

Stupid face

OMG this must be as bad as it gets

York 10K

Thank goodness for the early start. It was boiling hot by the time we were lining up at the start at about 8.45am. Delayed start (again) I think due to traffic (again) but this year I had had foresight to park elsewhere at my office about a mile away. O...

Rubbish performance

This post is one big feeling sorry for self moan....sorry But I am having such a rubbish season. Struggled to get going and then after broken elbow just never recovered. Lost my Mojo. Arm still sore. Struggled to run 6 miles on sunday (and I mean strugg...