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Johanne Spittle


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I am Johanne and live in a village near York. I started this blog to follow my training for the GNR 2009 but am now working towards hopefully the London Marathon (4th entry this year). I have been running seriously since 2007 although I am not planning to set any records just to keep plodding along enjoying my running as much as possible.



Races and Results

GNR 2008 - 2:11:11

GNR 2007 - 2:14:38


5K - Millenium Bridge 2007 - 27:23

10K - Kirkbymoorside 2010 - 57:41

1/2 marathon - Amsterdam 2009 - 2:07:26

2009 Races

York Brass Monkey Half -18.01.09 - 2:13:15

Humber Bridge 10K - 31.05.09 - 58:19

Mizuno Wave Castle Howard 10.45K trail - 14.06.09 - 1:6:29

Kilburn Feast 7 miles - 12.07.09 - not done

York 10K - 02.08.09 - 1:1:41

Escrick 10K - 23.08.09 - 1.06 Garmin

Ryedale 10 - 06.09.09

GNR 2009 - 20.09.09

Castle Howard 10K - 27.09.09 -58:59

Amsterdam Half Marathon - 18.10.09: 2:07:26 (PB)

Filey 10K - 01.11.09 - 1:04:50

2010 Races

Brass Monkey Half - 24.01.10 - 2:07:39

Arkendale 10K - 28.01.10 - 1:04:10

Kirkbymoorside 10K - 02.05.10: 57:41

Humber Bridge 10K - 06.06.10: 55.51 ; 55:40 (garmin) *PB*

Alnwick Coastal Run (13.55 miles) - 18.07.10: 2:22:11

Big Bad Bike Ride - 74 Miles

2011 Races


Race for Life 5K - 19 June 2011

York 10K

2012 Runs

Kirbymoorside 6 May 2012

York 10K 5 August   1:02:25

Blog Statistics

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I have just entered the Northumberland Half in July and the GNR. Yahoo. Northumberland sounds lovely - Approx 14 mile run, through an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, along the Northumberland coastal path from Beadnell Harbour to Alnmouth Estuary, ke...

Brass Monkey success

Well now I am a fool because if I had been 14 seconds quicker I would have got a PB. I was so convinced that I was going to do a rubbish time that I never even bother to check the stats before I left the house. As it was everything came right and I mana...

Fingers crossed for BM HM

Managed 9 miles quite comfortably on sunday so should at least get round tomorrow (Brass Monkey Half). But I know I will start to hurt aftrt that and slow down as I'm not fit enouh (yet). New Years Resn was to do a HM in 2hours this year so tomorrow mus...

It s'no joke

I was planning on a lovely run in some winter sunshine on saturady but it was such a horrible day and deep deep snow. I cleared the drive and then couldnt fancy any more of it. And wouldnt you know that as soon as I did the drive the big thaw started. S...


Having not run for nearly 2 months I ended up running 17.5 miles this weekend - ha! I did 5K on the treadmill on saturady (sooo boring) and 2K rowing. TVs at the gym tuned to darts, football or Hole in a Wall. So I watched the hole in the wall thing and...

Happy New running Year

Have not blogged in ages - because I have not been running in fact not done anything since Filey on 1 November so thats almost 8 weeks off. Did 5K on the day after boxing day but today was the first proper run out as was aiming for 10K. The  pavements a...

Filey 10K, rain and sewage

There are about 20,000 combined sewer overflows in the UK and apparently at least 500 CSOs that discharge directly onto or near beaches. There are 4 CSOs on Filey beach according to the Good Beach Guide - only an issue when sewer capacity is exceeded du...

Monday morning ouch

I can tell when I have overdone it on sunday when I cannot stand up the next day without saying ouch. Did my first run since Amsterdam on sunday - just 10K taking in a nice hill. Legs felt a bit heavy but it was good. Bit of rain made a nice change but ...


Can't believe its all over now been looking forward to it for so long. Left home at 5 am on saturday and arrived in NL at just before 8.00. After a train jouney and walk to the hotel and then another walk to the stadium to collect race number I was abso...

Weather in Amsterdam - very e...

Sunday day weather - Amsterdam Sunny Max: 12°C 54°F Sunrise: 08:12 Sounds good I think. Might manage a little 'trot' up the village tomorrow. Have written my list and sorted my safety pins. Also purchased an NRG baselayer which I shall tie round my w...

Run in the dark

Ran  to the next village Huby and back with miners headlamp on and flashing bits. Cannot say it was great fun but better than the treadmill. Did 3 miles in 27:35 so still over 9 minute miles but my fastest in a while. Not sure why I should be faster in ...

Last big run before Amsterdam!

I know I should be tapering and I will start after today promise. But it was such a lovely morning for a run and who knows how many more we will get before the winter is upon us - dark wet mornings etc. Managed 9 miles comfortably in 1hr:29:54 (one minu...

Too much rain

Absolutely tipping it down so abandoned run across the fields (too wet and too dark by the time I got home) and went to the gym. Did a slow 5K on the treadmill but oh how I hate running at the gym; so boring. Anyway got it done. Not many evening runs le...

VLM rejection

Got my thanks but no thanks letter yesterday - was probably a little bit relieved if the truth be told. Did my LSR this morning - 9.02 miles. Not fast 1:30:54 but I really enjoyed it and fely very relieved that I had it under my belt. Its been 9 months ...

Noo shoes and Help for Heroes

Got myself some noo shoes today - some Mizunos a change from the Saucony. They are designed for severe pronation but dont have the really big lump inside and so hopefully it will sort the instep abuse. The video showed an almost neutral step so if they ...

Castle Howard 10K

Have not run since last sunday as (a) am lazy and (b) been feeling a bit grotty stayed at home on friday. So all I had done was some weights all week and was up for a bit of hill training this morning. Hooray - it  was cloudy and cold when i set off fro...

Well done and update

Well done all you GNRers - it looked very hot and I have to admit I felt only a slight twinge of wishing I was there. On the whole was fairly gald I had pulled out and saved my big guns for Amsterdam. But maybe next year.... It was great to actually wat...

Sorry sorry sorry

Where do I start as I've not blogged in ages - sorry. Went on my jollies to Salcombe end August and did some great runs there along the coast - really hilly beautiful sunny - loved it. Would be wonderful to love somewhere that like that and run hills al...


I thought nettles did not sting this time of year but I was wrong apparantly as I got stung a couple of times last night and ouch it was still stinging at about 4.00 am this morning. And owls - why are they so noisy damn things kept me awake half the ni...

Garmin disaster

Had a major disaster when I went out on sunday as my garmin was off its cradle and had low batteries. It was a bad start and it all went wrong after that but hey so what. Woke up stiff as a board and eyes like puff balls (hayfever). Had been to gym on f...

Positive thinking and swine flu

Still had a bit of a temperature on wednesday and given my close proximity to one swine flu person I was a bit concerned. So decided a little run would sort it out - either kill or cure. Fortunately it was the latter and I have given myself the all clea...

York 10K

I last ran on 4 July and since then have been too busy even to blog (work and stuff), away on holiday and poorly. Got back from hols on friday and so York 10K on sunday was never going to be a PB. Just hoping to finish without disgracing myself which I ...

Flies update

Last week I ran my cycle route and cycled my running route which gave a different perspective. Last night normal service was resumed and I got out on my bike WITH MY NEW GLASSES. Didnt leave the house until 7.20pm and there were LOADS of flies but none ...

Sweaty Seven

I think I am starting to see some benefit from upping the running and cutting back on the alcohol. Went out for a seven mile run on sunday and felt like I could have kept going at the end of it. It was blinking hot mind you even though it looked grey an...