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I am Johanne and live in a village near York. I started this blog to follow my training for the GNR 2009 but am now working towards hopefully the London Marathon (4th entry this year). I have been running seriously since 2007 although I am not planning to set any records just to keep plodding along enjoying my running as much as possible.



Races and Results

GNR 2008 - 2:11:11

GNR 2007 - 2:14:38


5K - Millenium Bridge 2007 - 27:23

10K - Kirkbymoorside 2010 - 57:41

1/2 marathon - Amsterdam 2009 - 2:07:26

2009 Races

York Brass Monkey Half -18.01.09 - 2:13:15

Humber Bridge 10K - 31.05.09 - 58:19

Mizuno Wave Castle Howard 10.45K trail - 14.06.09 - 1:6:29

Kilburn Feast 7 miles - 12.07.09 - not done

York 10K - 02.08.09 - 1:1:41

Escrick 10K - 23.08.09 - 1.06 Garmin

Ryedale 10 - 06.09.09

GNR 2009 - 20.09.09

Castle Howard 10K - 27.09.09 -58:59

Amsterdam Half Marathon - 18.10.09: 2:07:26 (PB)

Filey 10K - 01.11.09 - 1:04:50

2010 Races

Brass Monkey Half - 24.01.10 - 2:07:39

Arkendale 10K - 28.01.10 - 1:04:10

Kirkbymoorside 10K - 02.05.10: 57:41

Humber Bridge 10K - 06.06.10: 55.51 ; 55:40 (garmin) *PB*

Alnwick Coastal Run (13.55 miles) - 18.07.10: 2:22:11

Big Bad Bike Ride - 74 Miles

2011 Races


Race for Life 5K - 19 June 2011

York 10K

2012 Runs

Kirbymoorside 6 May 2012

York 10K 5 August   1:02:25

Blog Statistics

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No this isnt another post about gliding but about the joys of greenfly. Decided to go out on my bike last night. Oh how foolish not to wear any glasses! I must have got 101 greenfly in my eyes (yuk) and they are still stinging today. Headed off towards ...

Still running and happy

Running on sunday I was thinking about all the peeps in the Leeds 10K - my first ever completed 10K run two years ago and I haven't looked back since! It was after the Leeds 10K in 2007 that I decided to go for the GNR and have since that time done two ...

crisis management

Just haven't found time to post all week. Drove down to Solihull on sunday evening after race (aargh - more to follow) for a funeral on monday; drove back monday night through storm and flood. Being playing catch up all week at work - fire fighting more...

Famous (foolish) last words

My fault for complaining about it being sunny every time I run because it was raining last night and it didnt stop. Sorry. Ran over the fields and had forgotten that the long wet grass bring me out in a rash - ouch - jumped in the bath when I got home a...

Gliding - is easier than running

I managed the gliding. Was a little bit anxious by the time I had the parachute on and the instructions on how to open plane and roll over the side in an emmergency - I was so trussed up and wedged in I would not have got out quick enough. Weather was o...

Going gliding

Going gliding tonight at Rufforth airfield. Am rather nervous about it and feel a bit sick. But these things have to be done. Will try to get photos.


What a fabulous race - must be one of my favourite 10Ks ever. Started at 11.00 - a tad late in the day as it was getting blinking hot. Got away frustratingly slowly and for the first 1K - all uphill - I was really held up averaging about 10.30 miles. A ...

Humber Bridge training!

Well since getting back from Switzerland have been trying to shed those extra pounds gained through excessive chocolate eating and alcohol strudels. Last sunday did the double - ran 3.3 miles and an hour of weights! Managed only 4.87 miles on monday it ...

Biking and running

But not at the same time ofourse. Decided to go for bike ride saturday in view of hip pains.  Have has toe cages put on pedals so was a bit nervous about being tied to the pedals and that I wouldnt be able to put my feet down when I wanted to and that I...

Tea and medals

Am a bit injured - really sore hip. Started at the weekend but not sure wot did it. Usual big weights on friday then ran from Boston Spa comp to Bramham and back on sunday whilst youngest go - karting; exactly 3 miles. Run was all downhill until Bramham...

Long Time No Blog

Its been ages since I have blogged or run. Last run was about 3 weeks ago so first time out on saturday - 3.21 miles - it was ok could have been worse! I haven't been completely idle; I have been doing my weights classes and endeavouring to up my weight...

Lost garmin

Couldn't find my garmin on sunday so ended up running without which was just wierd. Tracked route later on map my run and had done 5.45 miles in just under 50 minutes which was ok as I have had some bug all week. Set off for the gym later to find I had ...

Running and weights

Not blogged for a while  as have been side tracked by work, children, rugby etc. I managed to do 2 shotr runs this weekend - 5K at the gym followed by 5K bike and 4.5 miles along the river on sunday. Still suffering from blisters from the orthotics whic...

Amsterdam Half

I have registered today for Amsterdam half in October - have taken my money so I guess that's me in. Very excited. Now to book flights etc. Been hopeless at getting out running. 5 miles on saturday - big blisters and ankles ached but am sticking with th...

Just a quickie

Stuck to a short 3.3 miles on sunday to try out my new orthotics. Actually couldnt have done much more as I was starting to blister on the insteps. Knees felt a bit funny afterwards but ok. Managed to find a nice hill and plenty of wind just to make it ...

Horrid feet and the Podiatrist

Went to see the podiatrist this morning and it was no surprise to be told that I had extreme pronation. Its fairly obvious as my feet bend inwards quite ridiculously and I get blisters on my insteps as they take all the pressure. When I was little my mu...

Brass Monkey!

Yesterday was the York Brass Monkey half marathon. My first doing this race as have failed to get a place previously. I was aiming simply to complete the race rather than a PB as I have struggled to train and with fitness over the winter. We started out...

falling down the stairs

I forgot to mention that I fell down the attic stairs last night - was really scary and I have hurt my back big time. But at least I am not noticing the aches and pains from the running yesterday!

9 miles with hangover

I was due to do my 10 mile run yesterday in prep for my half next sunday. Saturday was still struggling with cold symptoms hot cold weak etc. Plus I had my 6 year old's birthday party. Spent day in a panic making sandwiches and sausage rolls and my 12 y...

York 10K

For those of you that live in this neck of the woods - there is going to be a new Jane Tomlinson race in York. Jane Tomlinson's 'Run for All' York 10KHot on the heels of the massively popular Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10K comes the inaugural York 10K (Sunday...

Registered for GNR

Just registered for Great North Run - nearly missed it but fortunately they have extended the deadline. Excited already. Have injured foot - dropped bottle of shampoo on it in the shower this morning and it bled and swelled up. Still hurts!! Now what ar...

What no ipod? plus 8 and 5.5 ...

Managed my 8 miles on new years day which I was pretty pleased with considering the late night + alcohol. Still slow 10 minutes + but I am not complaining. I did it and quite comfortably. Planned to do a speed run along the river on sunday whilst Eddie ...

What has happened to my blog!

Its been an age since I blogged - put off by the fact that my blog had been massacred and I dont like it at all! Whats all the tags and stuff about. Help. So - the running. Have not done more that 11K since the GNR and I am supposed to be doing a half i...


Went to my usual body pump class on saturday and it has been cancelled indefinately to save money - so thats that end of an era. had to do circuits instead - so felt pretty fed up at the whole star jumps, spotty dogs, skipping, hopping stuff whic...