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Johanne Spittle


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I am Johanne and live in a village near York. I started this blog to follow my training for the GNR 2009 but am now working towards hopefully the London Marathon (4th entry this year). I have been running seriously since 2007 although I am not planning to set any records just to keep plodding along enjoying my running as much as possible.



Races and Results

GNR 2008 - 2:11:11

GNR 2007 - 2:14:38


5K - Millenium Bridge 2007 - 27:23

10K - Kirkbymoorside 2010 - 57:41

1/2 marathon - Amsterdam 2009 - 2:07:26

2009 Races

York Brass Monkey Half -18.01.09 - 2:13:15

Humber Bridge 10K - 31.05.09 - 58:19

Mizuno Wave Castle Howard 10.45K trail - 14.06.09 - 1:6:29

Kilburn Feast 7 miles - 12.07.09 - not done

York 10K - 02.08.09 - 1:1:41

Escrick 10K - 23.08.09 - 1.06 Garmin

Ryedale 10 - 06.09.09

GNR 2009 - 20.09.09

Castle Howard 10K - 27.09.09 -58:59

Amsterdam Half Marathon - 18.10.09: 2:07:26 (PB)

Filey 10K - 01.11.09 - 1:04:50

2010 Races

Brass Monkey Half - 24.01.10 - 2:07:39

Arkendale 10K - 28.01.10 - 1:04:10

Kirkbymoorside 10K - 02.05.10: 57:41

Humber Bridge 10K - 06.06.10: 55.51 ; 55:40 (garmin) *PB*

Alnwick Coastal Run (13.55 miles) - 18.07.10: 2:22:11

Big Bad Bike Ride - 74 Miles

2011 Races


Race for Life 5K - 19 June 2011

York 10K

2012 Runs

Kirbymoorside 6 May 2012

York 10K 5 August   1:02:25

Blog Statistics

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Went for a run yesterday whilst Eddie did his pre match training. The ground in Doncaster was next to municipal tip - was apt as I was rubbish. How do you lose fitness so quickly. Did 3.5 miles and I was knackered. I mean really knackered. Awful....

4 miler

My first proper outing since GNR. Did 4 miles along the river and although was slow at 9:6 minute miles I reckon I can get back there. Booked to do Leeds Abbey Dash end November and (I think) Brass Monkey Half in January so need to keep motivated. Hard ...


Not run all week to give my injured foot a bit of R&R. On saturday tried a weights class - definitely had a temperature before I set off but determined to do some exercise. Foot actually felt better afterwards and sweated out the lurgie so qu...

So what next?

Will definitely do GNR 2009 because I have to get that time sorted. Not managed to pre register yet. Sort of thought had a guaranteed place as a member???? Running is going to be harder with the nights drawing in and no scope for runn...


I survived - thats about it really. Not my greatest running moment but I did finish and the time was not my best but not embarassing . Woke up after a bad night with cold worse than ever. Temperature, sore throat and really wheezy. If...


BBC website has a   for sunday. Plus a 9 mph which I think is ok?? May venture out for a little run tonight poorly or not - check its all still working.

Poorly but brave

I have some sort of viral thing - so am feeling rubbish and sleeping a lot. Antibiotics not worked. I have not run since last sunday; I will see how I go but might have to not run at all as I dont want to make myself worse. I'm sure t...

5 miles with biting insects

Has anyone else noticed how many flying bitey things are around at the moment - I seemed to run through huge swathes of them yesterday and ended up with a bitten head and neck and really itchy last night. I am scratching now just thinking about t...

Knees and tapering

Ran on wednesday - first time since the big one on sunday. Knees are sore and really stung afterwards. Fast time (for me) at an average of 8.8 minute miles but after only 3 miles hurting knees is not good. Having a rest until sunday. Might bike o...

and I thought I was soooo good

Just seen the John Schofield results for yesterday and I came 108th out of  127.   I was 104th / 128 last year so despite 7 minutes and 19 seconds improvement in time, statistically am standing still !! So that has rather burst my bal...

10 and 3/4 mile Ryedale run

God I am stiff now - my ankles and shine ache. But managed to beat last years time by over 7 minutes!!! Coming in at 1.40.09 over 10.62 miles as measured on my garmin. So very very VERY pleased with myself. Knackered but pleased. Quit...

Running in the Dark

Did first run in the dark on friday with head light on. Only about 3 miles (garmin out of batteries) and fast. Wasnt too bad at all although nearly fell over pile of straw left on pavement - yikes cannot afford injury now! Ryedale 10 ...

getting slower all the time

Managed to get out eventually and do a nice 3.3 miler - intention was to be fast and furious and thought I was doing well every time I looked at garmin -about 8.50 which is speedy for me. But got back to find it had taken 30 minutes 17 seconds so...

50 miles Peebles bike ride

Brave or foolish? Having done 3 bike rides of about 20 miles each, I embarked on the 2008 Big Bad Bike Ride in Peebles on saturday. 50 miles with an optional extra 20 mile loop. As I set off at 9.30 am in the rain with a soar throat a...

Good running bad knees

Just done a really nice 7.5 run. Not too hot not too far - just how I like it. Still woefully slow at 1:13:41 but I am quite happy to be slow as long as I keep going. Knees playing up - not sure the legs have adjusted to the biking yet. Did 17.5 ...


WET WET WET over the fields tonight and giant black slugs out in force. Very hard to run around and very slippy if you don't. Honestly they are GIANT - up to about 4 inches long and seriously scary. Also they have a death wish, clearly, because s...

Hurray for rain

Just managed a nice 3.30 miles. Still only slow at 29 minutes (and a bit) but it was very wet under foot across the fields. Got stung a few times as all the nettles had flopped over the path and my feet are soaking but worth it! Better than saturday's d...

Hot and horrid 7

Was aiming for an 8 mile on saturday but it was so blinking hot when I went out and it was humid and hayfevery. Hit this wall at about 2 miles and thought I would have to give up. I walked a few feet and then struggled on managing 7 in the end. B...

8 mile "not very L and very S...

Managed my 8 miler on sunday although as my luck would have it out came the sun as soon as I set off. Legs felt heavy after big weights session on saturday (including about 200 sqauts and lunges with big weights) and nearly gave up at about 2 mil...

Does cycling count?

Went out on my bike last night - first time its had a proper run out and I had all the kit - silly shorts, helmet, gloves, garmin. Should have worn glasses - those flies are evil if they get in your eyes. But 1) am I allowed to talk cycling on my...

Easy 5 miles

Went out last night -motivated by reading other blogs (and the thought of the banana splits) and actually had a really good run. Whilst I cannot say I enjoyed it I did feel that I could have gone on but it was started to get dark. Hard to know ho...

Garmin's first outing

Back from holidays on saturday so first run on sunday for over 2 weeks. No excercise at all whilst away - cut my big toe open on day 3 really deep and could not walk let alone run. So after being very lazy and drinking lots of beer and eating gre...

Cooler and happy

Waited until about 7.45pm before going out and it made such a difference - a nice breeze and then a head wind coming back up across the fields. Why did I ever complain about running against a wind - it was an absolute treat. Only did ...

Glass in foot and heat stroke

On tuesday I got this sharp pain in my foot - investigated it and concluded it was a verruca. So treated it with Wartner (freezing thing) and the next day with verruca gel. By wednesday night when I was supposed to be running could not put my foo...