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Johanne Spittle


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I am Johanne and live in a village near York. I started this blog to follow my training for the GNR 2009 but am now working towards hopefully the London Marathon (4th entry this year). I have been running seriously since 2007 although I am not planning to set any records just to keep plodding along enjoying my running as much as possible.



Races and Results

GNR 2008 - 2:11:11

GNR 2007 - 2:14:38


5K - Millenium Bridge 2007 - 27:23

10K - Kirkbymoorside 2010 - 57:41

1/2 marathon - Amsterdam 2009 - 2:07:26

2009 Races

York Brass Monkey Half -18.01.09 - 2:13:15

Humber Bridge 10K - 31.05.09 - 58:19

Mizuno Wave Castle Howard 10.45K trail - 14.06.09 - 1:6:29

Kilburn Feast 7 miles - 12.07.09 - not done

York 10K - 02.08.09 - 1:1:41

Escrick 10K - 23.08.09 - 1.06 Garmin

Ryedale 10 - 06.09.09

GNR 2009 - 20.09.09

Castle Howard 10K - 27.09.09 -58:59

Amsterdam Half Marathon - 18.10.09: 2:07:26 (PB)

Filey 10K - 01.11.09 - 1:04:50

2010 Races

Brass Monkey Half - 24.01.10 - 2:07:39

Arkendale 10K - 28.01.10 - 1:04:10

Kirkbymoorside 10K - 02.05.10: 57:41

Humber Bridge 10K - 06.06.10: 55.51 ; 55:40 (garmin) *PB*

Alnwick Coastal Run (13.55 miles) - 18.07.10: 2:22:11

Big Bad Bike Ride - 74 Miles

2011 Races


Race for Life 5K - 19 June 2011

York 10K

2012 Runs

Kirbymoorside 6 May 2012

York 10K 5 August   1:02:25

Blog Statistics

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30 minute recovery run

Well I now have two training programmes - one that I downloaded from GRN and one from Alzheimers. The first said a 30 minute recovery run tonight; the latter said 6 x 400 metres at 8/10 (something or other) + 200m total time 55 minutes. Der how w...

Castle Howard run

Eventually managed to get out to find myself a new run with some hills. Did a nice run of about 5.76 miles. Started at the car park up to the gate House and around via Coneythorpe; 90% off road so nice and quiet. Bit of a false start down a no th...

Its grim (but not as hot as M...

It was about 16 - 17 degrees when I set off; ha! none of this 27 degrees that you get in Maidenhead. But it still felt hot running along the river where it was quite still.; and even though it is as flat as flat can be I was still slower to 3 mil...


I have 3 words that sum up this race - hilly hot and EVIL. Oh and it was 7 1/4 miles (they lied). The hardest race I have ever done although as it was described as being 'challengingly undulated' perhaps I should have got the message....

Was the 'Leeds 10K' 10K?

The two people I ran with (in so far as I started with them) both said it was about 10.27K by their fancy watches. Did anyone else find this. As I was 10 seconds over 60 mins this is all critical!!! Must get a fancy watch.

Leeds 10K

Got off to a good start and reached 5K in 28 mins and a bit , but slowed right down I think probably suffering in the heat and by the end just had nothing left to give. My time 1:00:10 so 10 seconds over an hour. Really cross with myself as I so ...

Recovery run, swollen legs, b...

Decided on a recovery run on monday after the evil Castle Howard run; did 2.68 miles and all aches and pains had gone by the end. Felt very self righteous. Wednesday did 5.04K in the rain and ran through long grass across the fields b...

Castle Howard 10K trail

I am still not 10K race fit and so knew this was going to be a bit of a challenge and it was. Sun came out just as we started and disappeared at the finish and so it was blinking hot.  Very hilly and two laps of the same course made it quite grue...

Fantastic Day

After the wine failure on thursday decided to do some weights on friday as not up to running. Did some serious upper body work and could feel it on saturday. Managed a nice gentle 5.7K on saturday but was REALLY stiff today . However,...

Wine failure

Lovely evening for a run last night but failed miserably at the first hurdle and drank wine instead. I will suffer tonight now......

Training; Kirkbymoorside; fat

Been struggling a bit to get a training routine going. Having got a place at Kirkbymoorside on saturday - my first run/race - of the season I now find I have to go to a presentation and barbecue at the rugby club. Really disappointed. ...

GNR 2008

I am in!

Harder than ever

I must have read endless atricles about beating winter blues and running through but it is SO HARD. I went out yesterday along the river planning to do about 8K but was thwarted by an awful lot of water and serious mud so had to double back and e...

I am back

I have managed to do 3 runs this week. 10K on sunday along the river; 5K on monday on the treadmill (horrid) and 5K last night in the dark but at least it was outside. Running in the dark isn't that much fun - the headlamp thingy gives me a heada...


I started running in April 2007 and managed to do the GNR last September. I thought that would be the end of it but apparently not.......