My first marathon - London 2018

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My first marathon - London 2018

It has taken a while, but I have finally secured a place via the public ballot after many years of trying. I am very excited to be part of the event, but very conscious of the challenge it will throw at me too. I intend to provide a regular update on my progress towards undertaking this iconic event, something I've dreamed of doing for a long time! I hope any of you who read this will be inspired to take up running or any exercise, or give me your marathon training tips if you are running it too. 

The furthest I have ever run properly in one go was 10 miles, with the Cabbage Patch 10 in Twickenham. I've managed that three times. I did do the Eastbourne HM in 2016, but that I found tough! At 57, the body clock is ticking!!

Proper build up training will start in the New Year, but I'm managing around 2 two mile runs duruing an average week.

More soon!

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Hi everyone, well it's here and I am very excited and feel privileged to be one small part of this amazing event. Thank you all for your support, tips and encouragement, and I promise to take it easy in view of the warmer weather and do all the things w...

Week 15

So, with 1 week to go, the enomity of the marathon looms large in my mind! But, saying that, I'm as ready as I'll ever be and can't wait to join the lucky 40 odd thousand other runners & fund raisers at Blackheath next Sunday. So, realbuzzers, will...

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Firstly, thank you all for the nutritional suggestions, many will be incorporated into my training regime. Well, I am very pleased to report that I have completed the final big training commitment of 20 miles in 3 hours & 26 mins, so I now believe a...

Week 5

This has been a good week, with the "Meet the Experts" event on Saturday (3rd Feb) and a relatively low key week, effort wise. I note this will change next Sunday! The event has helped my confidence no end, with tips around nutrition, pacing (they have...

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A good week, with a total of just under 20 miles ran over 3 sessions, the longest being 10.2 miles yesterday. I was very pleased with this progress, and getting the long 10 miles (in 1 hour 35m) completed. The London Marathon training plan has a couple...

Training Week 3

Another 3 sessions this week, with a build up of both time out & mileage, continuing to follow the London Marathon plan for beginers.  So a total of 18.2 miles with the longest single run 9.2 miles taking around 1 hour, 27 mins, so didn't quite hit...

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Firstly, thank you everybody who has sent messages of encouragement & support, much appreciated from this marathon beginner!  Week 2 training has gone as planned, managed 14 miles over 3 days this week, so it's slowly stepping up now, but pleased I...